The Gypsy King of Enying has been buried in a luxury tomb

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Gypsy King of Enying János Rafael's († 60) body was taken to his final resting place by roses decorated horse-drawn carriage but before reaching his final resting place, the procession stopped at the local gas station where Rafael used to fill up his car and drink his coffee.

He came to the gas station every morning to drink his coffee; he drinks coffee no more said sadly one of the mourners in the procession. “Why did you leave us here, you were a good man” burst into tears from time to time one of the daughters of the deceased.

The luxury marble tomb was built in a week decorated by golden horse coat of arms and other luxurious items including jewels; the tomb has electricity, and a high definition television set is also part of the luxurious environment in case the deceased wants to watch his favorite shows.

Before Rafael could be put to rest family members opened the casket and for more than an hour amid bitter lamentation caressed and kissed the embalmed body for the last time.

From eight in the morning the bells rang every hour in the village – never happened anything like that before said one villager. Thirty police officers took care of the order; several streets have been closed alongside the procession route. The mourners have been accompanied by a 100-member Gypsy band. The lamentation of the mourners in the cemetery was so loud that it could be heard even in the village writes

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