The Hungarian Guard swears in new recruits at "Hősök tere" on Sunday

Friday, August 23, 2013

On August 25, 2007 fifty-six brave Hungarian patriots took the oath in the Buda Castle starting a new way of organized resistance, writes the head of the "Kárpát Haza Őrei Mozgalom" Sándor Horka in a statement issued today.

According to Horka, since the founding of the Hungarian Guard, many unfriendly entities both at home and abroad wanted to get rid of this voluntary, patriotic movement that was established with the aim to protect the nation in times of need.

The original Hungarian Guard as an organization no longer exists; however, since its ban by the court, many other patriot groups have been organized to continue the noble tradition of the founding fathers of the Hungarian Guard says the statement.

"The colonial status of our country hasn't changed since 2007; global interest groups continue to shape the destiny of our nation under the ideology of extreme liberalism -- patriotic Hungarians are still persecuted, spied on and imprisoned on a regular basis," said Horka.

Members of the "Kárpát Haza Őrei Mozgalom" in the spirit of the Holy Crown, the Hunnia movement, the Hungarian resistance movement and the Hungarian Guard once again invites the citizens of the country to come to "Hősök tere" and witness the public swearing in ceremony of new recruits. For the sake of the motherland let's put aside any previous disagreements and show to the Hungarian people that we are united reads the statement.

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