The Legend of Korea comes to Budapest

Sunday, August 25, 2013

"TAL" is a story told without words, based on Korean culture and history, its movement vocabulary based on taekwondo.

TAL production was co-founded by the owner of SR Entertainment Group Choi Sori and the Korean Taekwondo Association in 1961.

The traveling show has visited 24 cities in 18 countries since 2010. Currently, the company is on a worldwide tour performing in 200 countries including Hungary.

TAL means mask. The Western interpretation of mask means disguise, conceal, hide, camouflage, but according to Eastern philosophy mask makes the human soul visible.

In the nearly 90-minute show viewers can see spectacular performances presented by 38 actors using amazing acrobatic movements, and traditional and modern dance movements.

The narrative recites the mythical story of the gods that ruled over a world where difference between good and evil didn't exist; the gods and the people lived in perfect harmony and peace with each other. Mankind is trying to achieve spiritual enlightenment through the practice taekwondo.

However, there is a mask (TAL), which is capable of splitting existence into binary oppositions – good and evil. This masks is closely guarded by the gods preventing evil forces to acquire it and abuse its magic power.

Mars, one of the representatives of the dark force attempts to steal the "TAL" in order to become the ruler of the world. Terra, the epitome of goodness however, protects the mask in order to retain control over the peaceful human world. Basically, the show retells the timeless story about the cyclical struggle between good and evil

The actors incredible energies and the irresistible force of the dance and acrobatic performances provide a pure spectacle leaving everlasting impression on viewers.

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