The notorious Ozora drug fest wrapped in controversy

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Police stop all cars heading for the notorious Ozora drug fest, which has become an annual event in Hungary. The festival was launched right after the collapse of communism, when drug dealers from all over Europe came to the country to sell illegal substances taking advantage of the country's slack drug laws.

But even after the successive governments tightened drug use regulations left-wing governments tacitly encouraged the youth of Europe to continue with the festival and indulge themselves in the use of illicit substances.

After the fall of the globalist Gyurcsany regime, the Fidesz government wanted the junkies out of the country and do away with the liberal drug fest once and for all; however, behind the scene forces that are running the show and controlling the government as well pressured officials to back down – and they did.

First, Mezőszilas municipal council banned the event, but later Fejér County Government Office overruled the decision of the local government giving a go-ahead to the event -- an indication that indeed pressure was exerted on government officials.

Later, authorities changed strategy, rather than banning the event outright, police started harassing party goers; they check every foreigner that comes to the fest for possession of illegal substances (very few Hungarians attending the drug fest, most of the attendees are foreigners just like the attendees of the annual gay parade).

A special bus service was established between Budapest and the festival site; most of the passengers that come to the event by bus are Dutch, British, and German citizens.

Police stop each car and bus at the entrance of the festival site and search the vehicles; they don't say exactly, what they are looking for but presumably illicit substances, which might be true as drug sniffer dogs are also part of the police operation.

At the entrance of the festival site a "Welcome to paradise!" banner greats visitors.

We don't bring drugs; people who want some probably get it at the festival site said one of the party goers who is a regular visitor of the drug fest.

Fejér county police chief informed the press that so far police started proceedings against 45 foreigners either because they owned illegal substances or because they drove their cars while under the influence of drugs.

A German citizen fell into a bonfire at the OZORA drug fest and critically injured

The reason for the accident is not clear said the Fejér County Disaster Management Deputy spokesman to MTI on Wednesday.

Spokesperson Gabor Farkas Bozsik said Disaster Management investigating the incident.

MTI reported that the male victim was taken to the St Stephen's Hospital in Budapest.

Police also reported that officers took custody of 22 foreigners for drug related offenses on Wednesday.

The first drug fest in Ozora was held in 1999. According to organizers, the drug party closes August 11.

Police Video

Update (August 8, 2013)
Another 24 people have been apprehended by police on suspicion of drug use on Thursday reporting HavariaPress.

So far, police have pressed charges against 92 individuals on drug related offenses -- almost all foreigners.

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