The notorious Ozora drug fest wrapped in controversy

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Police stop all cars heading for the notorious Ozora drug fest, which has become an annual event in Hungary. The festival was launched right after the collapse of communism, when drug dealers from all over Europe came to the country to sell illegal substances taking advantage of the country's slack drug laws.

But even after the successive governments tightened drug use regulations left-wing governments tacitly encouraged the youth of Europe to continue with the festival and indulge themselves in the use of illicit substances.

After the fall of the globalist Gyurcsany regime, the Fidesz government wanted the junkies out of the country and do away with the liberal drug fest once and for all; however, behind the scene forces that are running the show and controlling the government as well pressured officials to back down – and they did.

First, Mezőszilas municipal council banned the event, but later Fejér County Government Office overruled the decision of the local government giving a go-ahead to the event -- an indication that indeed pressure was exerted on government officials.

Later, authorities changed strategy, rather than banning the event outright, police started harassing party goers; they check every foreigner that comes to the fest for possession of illegal substances (very few Hungarians attending the drug fest, most of the attendees are foreigners just like the attendees of the annual gay parade).

A special bus service was established between Budapest and the festival site; most of the passengers that come to the event by bus are Dutch, British, and German citizens.

Police stop each car and bus at the entrance of the festival site and search the vehicles; they don't say exactly, what they are looking for but presumably illicit substances, which might be true as drug sniffer dogs are also part of the police operation.

At the entrance of the festival site a "Welcome to paradise!" banner greats visitors.

We don't bring drugs; people who want some probably get it at the festival site said one of the party goers who is a regular visitor of the drug fest.

Fejér county police chief informed the press that so far police started proceedings against 45 foreigners either because they owned illegal substances or because they drove their cars while under the influence of drugs.

A German citizen fell into a bonfire at the OZORA drug fest and critically injured

The reason for the accident is not clear said the Fejér County Disaster Management Deputy spokesman to MTI on Wednesday.

Spokesperson Gabor Farkas Bozsik said Disaster Management investigating the incident.

MTI reported that the male victim was taken to the St Stephen's Hospital in Budapest.

Police also reported that officers took custody of 22 foreigners for drug related offenses on Wednesday.

The first drug fest in Ozora was held in 1999. According to organizers, the drug party closes August 11.

Police Video

Update (August 8, 2013)
Another 24 people have been apprehended by police on suspicion of drug use on Thursday reporting HavariaPress.

So far, police have pressed charges against 92 individuals on drug related offenses -- almost all foreigners.

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Anonymous said...

It's boneheaded stupid what the police/government is doing. They should let the foreigners alone; let them blow their brains with dope. It does no harm to others, but to themselves. When they come to HU, they spend money. If they're left alone to do their drugs, at least they think HU is just peachy and they'll come back to spend more here. Most of them will stop drugs in their later years, and if they have fond memories and sympathy to HU, they'll come back, and also spread the goodwill (which we can use).

However, at the camp I'd just POST WRITTEN warnings, that if medical intervention is needed due or as a consequence of drug use (like the German who fell into the fire) there will be a daily charge in the hospital of say: 300 Eur/day, plus physician services at Eur 100/hr., and ambulance service for say: Eur 150/trip. If they don't (or cannot) pay, impound their cars.

I'd search (and prosecute - if warranted) the hell out of Hungarians though, to keep our our people out.

HungarianAmbiance said...

Make sense what you said. I think the government is afraid that eventually, the event will attract Hungarian youth as well. Also, if officials won't keep a lid on small scale events like this, the country can gain the reputation of being a drug heaven of Europe and later might attract more dangerous criminals. These sorts of things evolve incrementally. You have to nip the problem in the bud before it develops into a large-scale disaster.

Krzysztof Bryk said...

and i guess most of the arrested ppl got some crazy ammounts of drugs like one joint ;) drug mobs i say ...

i remember 3 hour search of caravan at festival grounds made in full sun at mid of the day i saw - poor policemans surrounding the caravan - thy found nothing i guess as the car and the inhabitants stayed till the end :)

think about the local community benefits from such festival - how much money we spent there.

also i must say i liked the police presence - felt much safer but i would not like to see police at festival ground.

bluegoaindian said...

the war on drugs is lost HU police should take a look at Law enforcement against prohibition...
Theese guys know what they are talking about because the have been in the field for years.

Anonymous said...

It is obviously from the title that the writer has intent only to write bad things about the festival and the people who has visited it.

I don't know about the drugs, but what kind of democracy is that if you can't experience things inside your own head.

Even some of the people who dislike the festival would like to keep it runing because visitors will spend money in the country and hopefully come back to spend some more, well that is really hypocritical and dangerous way of thinking (dangerous for all of us).

The person who has writen this obviously has something against gay people when comparing them with the "notorious drug community". I'm just sad for all this evil people who dont respect other human brothers and sisters.

Police harassment, drugs and media hypocrisy is just the small, small part of things surrounding ozora, obviously you will never understand the love that happening there:)

Love you all and wish you all the best, even to the police and media:)

Anonymous said...

this festival changed my life.
made me a better person.more loving and caring.
please don't destroy it.
it is a loving experience for thousand of people we come in peace we give work to so many other unemployment people...and you hunt us like dogs.instead of a big thanx...what can i say.
You call it a drug festival?it is a LOVE festival.thank you.

Anonymous said...

Tell them! spread the message of love and Understanding! ozora is the most beutiful place i can imagine!

Anonymous said...

Why does police not go to sziget festival and search for drugs? I am sure, there are more people selling/buying drugs (the real bad substances like cocaine and crystal meth) than in ozora.
So why? Because ozora is a love festival and they hate people who are able to love others deeply. They are afraid of humans who are able to love, because loving people can not be oppressed with fear-based arguments. They know deep inside, that they have no real love in their hearts and are very afraid of people who have. Love creates people with courage, not cowards. And the governments fear for losing their power over the people and their brains.

Anonymous said...

Fascist site!!!!
The war on drugs never works, and never will...
Welcome to the XXI century inquisitors!!

Anonymous said...

First government should keep hands of psychedelics, they are not drug, even official psychiatry think that...plants, life from ancients. Second, problem drugs are heroin,cocain,cristal-meth, and they are under police,police business,and addicted`s are in all cities, streets and creating problem. What government care about people on field,dancing, smiling, loving! We not hurting no one, we doo with our mind what we want, caring for each others, and care for earth. They coming to us with guns and dogs! There are not dealer`s and junkie`s, only friends and family. Real pusher dealers are government and police,army. They bring heroin from Afghanistan, system create sadness and sorrow. Let us live in peace, let nature live in peace,let animals.....
Trying to present us as dirty-junkies is so sad and hypocritical move!

Anonymous said...

War on Drugs is more detremental than the Drugs themselves.

Changed My Life this festival

CUNT going in | Lover Coming Out

Anonymous said...

I believe this article is wrapped in the controversy of a person with very little knowledge on the subject referred to.

Trance/Rave Parties have been happening in the globe for many decades now, ever since the first Hippie appearance in the Goa Islands and maybe even before and have produced profoundly strong and deep experiences with or without drugs taken, simply by the naturally occurring feeling of freedom and dancing which is created from this environment. This has nothing to do with education, youth corruption or slippery slopes. It is all about knowing how much fun you can have with other human beings just by sharing some music taste and some common space.

I am sorry that in there is so much controversy involved in this matter, especially since this is mainly an one sided argument.

I never saw a person whom is involved in such matters criticizing the life of people who have different tastes or lives. Not because they haven't achieved something worth comparing since i have personally met people brilliant enough to have been very successful in life. Yet i never saw them saying, oh look how miserable and in vain these people are. Even though they could, in a way believe so.

Use your eyes, and your brain will follow. Things aren't always as people say they are.

Sun festival is coming people :)


The majority of drugs done in these kind of festivals have nothing to do with the drugs you see in movies.

Anonymous said...

Those things you ignorant journalists call drugs, used on festival ground, are much less dangerous than stress created by wild capitalism and poisonoed food and envirovment we live in, which is braught to us by our "protector" THE SYSTEM. Psychedelics are eye opening and counsciousness expanding tools. They really show us what is important in our short lifes, love and connection with other humans, not the money, things and possesion. Most of the people use psychedelics just for few times in life, and when they get the message, they abandom them (as there is no addiction) with preciuous knowledge that no one could tell them and show them. PS. Dear author, please feel free to come at the festival this year, and then write a fair article, with all the positive vibes and emotions.

Karine said...

This article is really uninformed or purposedly trying to put the festival under a bad light.
There are as much drugs (and often harder ones) at festivals like Sziget or in any discoteque.
Ozora really is a meeting of peaceful hippies, which brings lots of foreigners (and hence money) to Hungary, it should be left alone.

Numo said...

Actually the Ozora Festival is a pride for Hungary, which makes it known and visited by people all over Europe and beyond. And full of wonderful music, art performances and even lectures...

Anonymous said...

The previous comment two above is VULGAR.

Anonymous said...

Some nice propaganda and bullshit right here

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

HELP!!! the festival looks epic! but is there an age requirement? I'm 19 and I'm so into this psycadelic shit and I'm so interested in attending it in August please help!

Anonymous said...

Are those people serious? On lad injured out of thousands, and such tragedy?! How many people get injured bowling drunk, swimming, playing football... dancing on prom.... That is the most stupid thing I've ever heard/read. Sure many of them take drugs, and what if you to normal club in the city center, you don't see any on drugs? Don't forget that it is very possible such lads will be drunk as well, and can get aggressive. Nothing like that ever happens on psychedelic gatherings. Just don't be jealous and let those people enjoy their best days of the year.

Executive Director said...

Ozora is the answer not the problem!

Psychedelics are good, not bad. The laws are unjust and oppressive and an affront to human dignity!

Do your research if you dont believe me. Check the real truth, the real research, www.maps.organization

Todd Peterson said...


Anonymous said...

check out "The Nuremburg Code" anti-Nazi legislation which says we are allowed to experiment on ourselves! it also says people can't experiment on us against their will! My son and his girlfriend at at Ozora this year and I hope there is no police presence at all! thankyou for putting on such a wonderful festival!!

Anonymous said...

This site is a propaganda and hate fest! Set up a conspiracy corner at the Ozora festival and you'll fit in with the junkies just fine. Keep up the fight against globalist secret forces which want to take your lovely, very interesting and superior land from you. You're sure to win guys, the world loves you and looks to the like of you, Egypt, Russia with respect & adoration.

Anonymous said...

Thank you internet for this laughter. I thought Germany was suffering from insanely stupid right winged bone heads, but you guys are killing it. Big up, cannot wait for this year's investigation guys.

Anyways, this won't show up so just enjoy my post. I'd definitely agree on the point that there are drugs going around in ozora, but the only people who offered them to me were locals. Hungarians who stocked up every day with more and more drugs. Not talking about cannabis in here but hard stuff only.

Enjoy deleting this post.

pyc said...

what a bullshit propaganda

Anonymous said...

This article is wrong in so many ways. It is an Hungarian Festival for psy trance music attracting international audience and not a drug fest for foreigners.

In fact A LOT of people there do not take any drugs (Hungarian and foreigners) and A LOT of people are from Hungary itself (if not most of them), but people blinded by far right ideologies (called Nazis in German) tend to ignore this facts...

666 said...

It's just funny to see so much of hate flowing against the people attending such festivals and the music playing there .. I get it, you don't like the "drug culture" there. Why to shower hate on the music you can't appreciate just cos of that ?

Love to all nonetheless; )

666 said...

It's just funny to see so much of hate flowing against the people attending such festivals and the music playing there .. I get it, you don't like the "drug culture" there. Why to shower hate on the music you can't appreciate just cos of that ?

Love to all nonetheless; )

Anonymous said...

so many beautiful and true comments here. one can just hope that the author one day attends this incredible festival, gets reborn on the main dancefloor during a love-fulfilled and mindblowing trip with friends and family (in the widest sense), and starts writing about the truth. We all know that the war on (especially psychodelic) drugs is wrong, terribly wrong, and for reasons already mentioned in some comments here we also know why.

ΝΕΜΕΣΙΣ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ola K said...

Dance and rythm is one of the KEY aspects of being Homo Sapiens. Unfortunately Homo Sapiens thanks to this behaviour sorted out and partly incorporated other kinds of humans around 40.000 years ago and we should be sorry our ancestors didnt pay them more respect. Drugs is a part of life as Homo Sapiens too. To try to stop all the varieties of electronic dance music scenes on the pretext of keeping people off drugs when the same governments accept tobacco and alcohol is the largest hypocricy and anyone arguing for it should at least be living as true non drinking, non smoking puritans to have a say. Dancing in group is an about 50.000 year old behaviour and we are hardwired to like it. Dancing in group releases dopamine which we don´t get if we dance alone. Thats a fact. Another fact is its always fascists who want people to stop feeling good cause they have an issue with power over others. Its important to understand how many varieties of electronic dance music scenes there is today too to grasp how big this is. I will just name a few that I enjoy. Each represent an entire global scene/network/culture: Deephouse, Hardstyle/Gabber, Frenchcore/Freetekno/Acid, Minimal/Techhouse, Dancehall, Dubstep(at least it WAS good)..

Faiza Shafi said...

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