The U.S. instructed the Hungarian government to condemn the Assad regime for the use of chemical weapons

Friday, August 30, 2013

The United States called on the Hungarian government to condemn the Syrian government for the use of chemical weapons - said the U.S. embassy in Budapest on Friday. The Hungarian Foreign Ministry responded: Hungary will make its position known on the matter in close consultation with its allies.

We call on the Hungarian government to join us and publicly condemn the Syrian government for the use of chemical weapons and call upon the international community to hold the Assad regime accountable for the fundamental violation of international norms writes the American Embassy.

We support the UN team's work that investigates the deployment of chemical weapons by the Assad regime that caused hundreds of civilian deaths; it is crystal clear that this atrocity has been committed by the Assad regime, which must be held accountable for his actions reads the statement of the American Embassy.

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry confirmed on Friday that the U.S. government forwarded the call through the normal diplomatic channels.

Gabor Kaleta, the head of the ministry's press department recalled that Hungary had already severed diplomatic ties with the Assad regime, and doesn't recognize it as a legitimate representative of Syria.

Hungary condemns the use of chemical weapons in the strongest possible terms.

Hungary makes its position known regarding Syria through "close consultation" with its allies writes the Hungarian press officer.



0jr said...

What about condeming isreallhell for crimes against humanity?

Anonymous said...

It's rapidly unfolding around the World (thankfully) that the "attack" was by the Western mercenaries(!) (also called "rebels" - an obvious misnomer), rather than the Syrian forces.
It's a typical "false flag" op., going sour in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

Isreli/Judeobolshevik crimes against humanity do not matter, count, talked about, examined or published. In fact, they are a taboo subject; they "never" happened. Should you bring it up, you'll be labeled an antisemite - in a hurry. Labels, such as this, don't bother me one bit anymore, but unfortunately on some (feeble-minded) it still works. However it's losing its effectiveness - fast.

See, in their belief system (Talmud) you are not human, but merely a humanoid shape animal. That logically follows, that they cannot do any crimes against humanity, since THEY are the only humans. (Duh...)

You should know these by now...

Anonymous said...

In the 1980s the orders came from Moscow.
Now they come from Washington.
And it's b/c of the EU.
The EU has done MORE HARM to HU during the last nine years, than the Soviets did during their last ten.
The losses in absolutely every front affecting the PEOPLE (not the elite), with the possible exception of environmental (pollution) aspects, have been absolutely staggering.

Prove me wrong - please...

0jr said...

HU should become a neutral country

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