Video tour of the new stadium still under construction in Felcsút dedicated to the training of junior footballers

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The design of the new football stadium of the Puskás Ferenc Football Academy has been based on Architect Imre Makovecz's organic style.

The main function of the sport facility will be to house the football academy dedicated to the training of the most talented junior footballers' of the country.

The stadium is an architectural masterpiece designed in the world-famous Hungarian Architect Imre Makovecz organic style; the fluidity and the brevity of the design solutions implemented in the construction of the structure give a unique visual appeal to the facility, which is in terms of design quite extraordinary.

The stadium has been located in Felcsút, a village of 1800, the hometown of PM Viktor Orban who is one of the founders of the Puskás Ferenc Football Academy.

The stadium fully complies with UEFA regulations except in its size, which is different from the norm, but has been approved by the UEFA at the request of the Hungarian Football Federation due to the fact that the sport facility has been constructed in a small settlement. The stadium corresponds to UEFA III. category standards, differing only in its size from similar sport facilities.

The designer of the stadium is Architect József Őrfi.

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An architectural masterpiece? Fucking thing is hideous!

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