A group of fanatical retirees occupied the “Szabadság” bridge in Budapest

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hard core supporters of the mentally unstable former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany occupied the “Szabadság” bridge to mark the opening of the fall session of parliament.

Viktor Orbán is not a center-right politician but "the tyranny itself," and those that cooperate with him "soil themselves with tyranny,". If we want to live in a better country, we have to defeat him in the upcoming national election addressed to his senile admirers globalist clown Ferenc Gyurcsany.

Gyurcsany also attacked the voting rights of Hungarians living abroad by saying that those who do not live with us do not decide on our fate as we also do not want to decide how to live the residents of Sepsiszentgyörgy, or Kolozsvár.

One of the most faithful Gyurcsany allies Ágnes Vadai whose 70-year-old husband recently, ran away with a 28-year-old girl also vented her anger and personal frustration on the prime minister; she said "we don't want to live in a Nazi, exploitative dictatorship" anymore then, she encouraged her supporters to vote against the Fidesz in the next year's general election.

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0jr said...

Where is obomba and his drones when we need him.

Anonymous said...

What was this? A Jewfest?

0jr said...

dirty commie jew bolsheviks

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