Another unspeakable crime committed by Gypsies – they murdered and raped a woman jogger

Monday, September 30, 2013

The savage murder took place last Thursday in Soroksár. Gypsy criminals strangled a woman jogger († 36) with rope then raped her lifeless body.

Krisztina K. († 36), was the mother of a baby boy and the wife of a police officer. Locals confirmed that a gypsy horde that have been suspected of committing the crime have already been terrorizing the neighborhood for quite some time.

Once again, police trying to cover up the identity of the suspects even if the nature of the crime betrays the perpetrators.

Police issued a brief statement by saying that on September 25 a 36-year-old woman found dead in Budapest. According to available data, the 36-year-old woman believed to be victim of foul play.


Jobbik alderman György Szabó: In memory of the murdered and humiliated Hungarian mother

The crime that took place in itself incomprehensible, unacceptable and intolerable. The words have long been incapable of stopping the frequency of these crimes and those who have been elected, the decision-makers hindering solutions to the problem. Because of the politically sponsored violence that grows from year to year, just like the number of graves sites, the solution is in the hands of voters.

The choice is yours, do you want the number of tragedies to be increased, or you want them stopped. As a member of Budapest municipal council I work hard to halt this tragic process.

I express my deep condolences to the victim's family and promise that like them I will not rest either until...

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Anonymous said...


Lets burn down every known gipsy crimnals house with them in it!

Anonymous said...

Hungary is a disgrace to the E.U for its disgusting attitude and slandering of its Roma residents. When will the E.U wake up and sanction the Hungarian government and people?
Hungary, you are disgrace!

Anonymous said...

Its NOT SURE I WRITE once again , not sure this attack was carried out by gypsies!!! Most of serial killers and rapist are white.Whether the killer's skin is black, or not this tragic event just happened here, like anywhere else in world. According to my opinion a possible killer is a lone invidiudal, also white and maybe suffering from mental health problem(s). Despite, the gypsies were involved in so many crimes in Hungary, this incident was seems to be different because of the mysterious circumstances. We just left the police to work on this case and try to avoid to be prejudicial.

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