Chinese telecommunications company ZTE to establish repair center in Hungary

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A cooperation agreement has been signed with Chinese telecommunications company ZTE on the occasion of their recent expansion in Hungary. State Secretary for Foreign Affairs and External Economic Relations Péter Szijjártó and ZTE Vice President for Central and Eastern Europe Chang Xiao Wei were present at the event. The Chinese mobile phone manufacturer has announced the opening of a mobile phone repair center in Hungary, which will create 50 new jobs and also offer opportunities for Hungarian SMEs.

The State Secretary emphasized that this investment is yet another step forward in the Government's Eastern partnership policy, adding that Hungary has been aiming to become one of Europe’s post-crisis production centers. He also highlighted that in the past 10 years, Hungary’s trade with China has increased by 2.2 billion dollars to its present level of 7.2 billion dollars.

Mr. Xiao Wei stated that the current investment amounts to 1 million euros, which the company plans to expand by a further 10 million euros in the coming years. He emphasized that Hungary’s telecommunications infrastructure is on a level with that of Germany, France or the UK. Prime Minister Orbán was right to realize that the country’s success also depends on the success of its enterprises, he added.



0jr said...

Oh great they already sell thier poisoned food and cheap products that put Hungarians out of work now they want to take away the few repair shops work and monopolize that too.Would'nt it be cheaper to throw the junk out and but a new one

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