Cibakháza parish priest was beaten to death

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The seventy-two-year-old parish priest was brutally murdered Wednesday night. He was found at the parish basement Wednesday morning. (Note: "brutally murdered" indicates that the perpetrator was most likely a gypsy criminal or criminals)

Police looking for an unknown perpetrator, but didn't release any detail of the investigation.

Several people believe that the suspect has already been taken into custody, but police have not yet been confirmed the information.

UPDATE: found out that murdered parish priest András Szarvas was the first cleric that consecrated a Rovas town sign in 2010.

Cibakháza was the fourth settlement in the Carpathian Basin that set up a Rovas town sign -- in defiance of the official policy of the day - and the sign was consecrated by the local priest. With this act the pastor broke the ice allowing church officials to join subsequent Rovas town sign unveiling ceremonies. As a result, today, representatives of the historical denominations supporting the Rovas city sign erection program in the Carpathian Basin.

In other words, András Szarvas was a patriotic priest unlike the leadership of the Hungarian Catholic church led by Archbishop Péter Erdő who always puts the interests of the globalist colonizers above those of Hungary.

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