Elementary religion textbook is attacked for calling homosexuality a mortal sin

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The globalists and the controlled media question the political correctness of an elementary religion textbook written for fourth-graders because it calls homosexuality a mortal sin. The book has been written by Apor Catholic College rector Mária Erdő, Hungarian Bishop Peter Erdő's sister.

The textbook is used in the Austro-Hungarian European School and apparently, it is listed as a mandatory material for fourth-graders. A parent whose child attending the school objected the paragraph which calls homosexuality a mortal sin. The enraged globalist media picked up the story and intimidated school officials to the point where they no longer dare to reply any question regarding the accusations by the media; the school issued a brief statement saying that the textbook is no longer used for teaching purposes.

The globalist media pressed Secretary of Public Education Rózsa Hoffmann to reveal the government's position on the issue who in turn replied that what goes into textbooks is a strictly church matter and the state has no say in it.

Catholic church officials also reacted to the controversy by saying that the Church accepts gay people unreservedly. The book allegedly had been written several years ago, and by the time today's first graders enter grade four, the mistakes of the textbook will be corrected so that it will comply with the expectation of the times says the statement.

(Note: The church's reaction to the controversy raises two possibilities; either the leaders of the church are intimidated to the point where they are no longer in the position to take care with the moral and spiritual needs of the people or they are complicit in the age old project by the cabal to systematically corrupt the youth of the nation.)

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