Erzsébet Lesták successfully summitted Shisha Pangma's Central Peak

Sunday, September 29, 2013 managed to get in touch with alpinist Erzsébet Lesták who confirmed to the portal that she indeed, successfully reached Shisha Pangma's Central Peak (Central Peak, 8013)!

This was a huge performance because Erzsébet did it under extremely difficult conditions, alone, in blizzard, and -38 degrees centigrade. Unfortunately, the weather did not allow her to go further to the 8027 meters of the main peak.

Erzsébet left camp no. 3 (7400 m) one day after other members of the expedition set out, because unlike the others, she had intended to reach the main summit and hoped that the weather will turn more favorable. Unfortunately this was not the case, but the exact opposite has happened, the weather has become even worse than before. Because of the weather conditions she advanced slower than expected, she descended to camp no. 3 at four o'clock in the morning. She climbed without oxygen and without the help of sherpas; she is the first Hungarian woman who stood on Shisha Pangma's Central Peak!

Currently, she is descending slowly from the peak and is somewhere at 6998 meters, between camp no. 2 and camp no.1. She is very exhausted and she moves more slowly than planned.

She is expected to reach the base camp in about two days where she can charge her phone and then, she will be able to answer more questions reporting

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Az Isten legyen veled minden lepesednel!

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