Filipino man fell in love with Hungarian history and culture

Friday, September 20, 2013

Model maker Stephen Roy Chua Rojas of Philippine has several scale models of Hungarian related structures -- including the "Matyás" church and the Parliament building -- in his private collection.

Mr. Rojas works as a manager at the Mall of Asia, in Manila; he celebrates his name day on August 20 every year in the same time he honors Hungary's first king Saint István (Stephen) as well although he visited Hungary only once as a tourist.

He is such a fan of our country that while visiting China he was waving a scarf decorated with the Hungarian coat of arms said Balázs Méhes Japanese-English tour guide to Magyarhirlap.

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0jr said...

he should sell it on the internet ect.

Anonymous said...

very nice hobby, also a way to build international relations

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