Globalist agent Gordon Bajnai and his liberal-Bolshevik accomplices decapitated a dummy depicting PM Viktor Orbán

Monday, September 30, 2013

Globalist agent Gordon Bajnai, who was hand-picked by the American liberal establishment to lead the opposition against Fidesz in the next year's national election lied to his audience that if he wins the next year's national election, he will reestablish the "solidarity contract" with society. Bajnai attended an anti-government seance that has been organized by the Hungarian Solidarity Movement, a liberal-Bolshevik globalist proxy group.

In front of 1,000 Hungarian haters and dumb down former Bolsheviks, Bajnai announced that if he wins in 2014, he will table a legislation making government duty to finance those that can't care for themselves (meaning gypsies and other criminal and parasitic elements ed.).

At the end of the seance that took place on Adam Clark Square, demonstrators denounced PM Viktor Orbán by ritually decapitating a bronze colored Styrofoam dummy depicting the prime minister. The crowd then walked to the Terror Museum carrying the decapitated torso of the dummy sculpture.

Globalist cheerleader and dedicated hate-monger Péter Kónya, the co-chairman of the liberal-Bolshevik Solidarity movement remarked that the disfigured dummy indicates what people must do in 2014.

"Dopeman", the notoriously untalented rapper, the laughing stock of the Hungarian musical scene also appeared on stage with the twenty-four-hour lie machine (a.k.a. Bajnai) but this time not to fantasize about being one of the top representatives of American ghetto culture in Hungary but to help decapitate the dummy representing the prime minister. (This moron knows nothing about American ghetto culture and the social context from which hip-hop music emerged.)

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