Google Earth blurs out Rovas city signs

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hungarians are baffled over Google policy of blurring out Rovas city signs in Google Earth street view.

There are all sorts of speculations flying around among the public to figure out what could be the reason behind this hostile move by Google.

Some people think that Google conspired with those that are in the business of attacking Hungarian tradition and culture in the spirit of globalism.

The liberal-Bolshevik opposition hates the ancient Hungarian writing system and everything that reminds them of ancient Hungarian history; especially nowadays, when excavation sites in Russia and Central-Asia keep turning up artifacts relating to Hungarian history documented by ancient sources.

The globalist opposition and those controlling the Hungarian cultural landscape do their best to suppress historical data relating to Hungarian history; they resent the fact that the Hungarian Rovas script survived centuries of persecution both by the Church and the Habsburgs that wanted to erase all traces of ancient Hungarian history.

Until Google remains silent about the reason behind the company's policy of blurring out Rovas city signs in Google Earth people will continue guessing. Let's hope that company officials get the message and inform the public of the reason behind this weird company policy that at the end might have nothing to do with the wild speculations that are widespread among the interested public.



0jr said...

guessing what the gd jews and zionists are commiting cultural genocide by pretending to be ignorant you are comlicit and are traitors or 1 of them

0jr said...

correction complicit and or are tratiors and more so than not zionists and or jews

Anonymous said...

There is some one who probably could help you out about this situation. His name is Imre Szalai. His daughter is working for Google in very high position. They frequently visiting relatives in Hungary . The ph.:# 610-754-6227 .

HungarianAmbiance said...


I forward this info to the person who is in charge with these issues, I'm sure he will appreciate it.

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