Gypsy criminals brutally beat and robbed a 78 year-old woman in Tarnaörs -- one gypsy was captured

Sunday, September 22, 2013

In the heavily gypsy infested town of Tarnaörs, Heves County a 78-year-old woman living alone, was robbed and brutally beaten on September 20, she was found by a relative. The house was completely ransacked. The victim was hospitalized with life threatening injuries.

According to neighbors, the previous day the elderly woman's house was also broken into, but then the robbers did not hurt the woman.

According to local sources, police arrested a 20-year-old gypsy who is suspected of committing the crime.

The criminal took cash and jewelry from the woman's house that police officers recovered when searched his home.

Police charged the gypsy with assault and robbery rather than attempted murder.

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0jr said...

and they'll let the gyspy out after a couple of years in jail

0jr said...

the only solution will be if somebody goes and burns down every gypsy house with every gypsy in it down in the whole county otherwise that is going to happen to evry decent Hungarian in the country.And burn any cops or anybody else that would defend the gypsyies

Attila L. Vinczer said...

I have been following this situation in Hungary for a number of years. It is very disturbing to me, a Hungarian living in Canada, to see this kind of abuse against the elderly. More importantly, that the police and the judicial system is doing little to ensure not only the safety of the citizens, but that the criminals are severely punished. Otherwise there is NO deterrent.

I would not go so far as suggesting to burn all their homes, but I would support using lethal force by citizens who are being so violently abused. I will tell you, if that was a picture of my mother, the only safe place for this bastard would be in the confines of jail and even there he would need to look over his shoulder.

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