Human rights lawyer Eva Maria Barki urges Hungarians to demonstrate and pray for peace

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dear Hungarian friends!

We must raise our voices against the unfolding Syrian tragedy that can easily lead to worldwide disaster.

The pending attack on Syria has long been prepared, and based on lies and fabricated evidence; if it goes ahead as planned, it will be a serious violation of international law, a war crime, and the aggression can lead to unpredictable outcomes.

We know very well that only an internal U.S. pressure can stop this madness. Yet, we need to protest! The violation of the law and the aggressor should be named, even if it hides behind bogus human rights claims. Because silence in today's world is the greatest sin. This applies not only to politicians, but to all people equally.

Demonstrate against the aggressor and pray with the Holy Father for peace!

Vienna, September 6, 2013
Eva Maria Barki

(translated by

Believers all over the world praying for Syria

Thousands of believers are praying for peace today in the Vatican. Tens of thousands of people gather together today, at the eve of the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Rome's St. Peter's Square.

A number of Catholic organizations around the world join to the prayer from the Middle East to Syria to the USA. Also on Saturday at Naples San Carlo opera house there will be a charity concert for peace in Syria.

Russian Catholics gather to pray together for peace in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

(Oroszország Hangja -


Anonymous said...

The SATANIC New World Order NWO Agenda is falling to pieces - the emperor has no clothes. The Western puppet, demagogue politicians have exposed themselves as fools to the NWO agenda. The "West" has lost all credibility.

Who gave the United States or France the right to act against the Syrian people ? by Adolfo Nicolas

According to the Superior General of the Jesuits, by intending to bomb Syria to enforce international law, the United States and France arrogate to themselves a responsibility they don’t have, violating precisely that same law. Washington and Paris are planning to lead humanity towards barbarism...

The Father of the NWO and His Puppets 2. The Pharisees are Intensifying their War on Christianity

Confronting the Chemical Lies in Syria
by GlobalResearch TV:
Mother Agnes Mariam is a Carmelite nun who has been living and working in Syria for the past 19 years.

Now, she is seeking to set the record straight on the lies and disinformation that is driving the NATO powers toward war against the people of Syria. This is the GRTV Feature Interview with our special guest, Mother Agnes Mariam de la Croix.

The Conflict in Syria and Global Resistance: Why Humanity will Prevail

Diabolical Chemical Weapons Intelligence Operation? Killing Syrian Civilians and Blaming it on the Enemy. In international law, war propaganda is the most serious crime because it makes all other crimes possible

The US Government Stands Revealed to the World as a Collection of War Criminals and Liars by Paul Craig Roberts

0jr said...

Stop The War in Syria! Send This Video to Congress

AIPAC to deploy hundreds of lobbyists to push for Syria action

Anonymous said...

Why the New World Order NWO hates Syria.

Why the US, UK, EU & Israel hate Syria

A young, soft-spoken girl living the Syrian tragedy spells it out with far more common sense, truth and honesty than powerful Western governments and their money-controlled mass media puppets.

Identifying herself only as “Syrian, Patriot, anti-Neocon, anti-NWO, anti-Zionist”, early last year she set up her own YouTube Channel (YouTube/User/SyrianGirlpartisan).

In a short (nine-minute) video she explains “eight reasons why the NWO (New World Order) hates Syria.” We would all do well to listen in…

Her ‘Top Eight Reasons Why They Hate Us’ is an excellent wrap-up, applicable to just about every self-respecting country in the world: no Rothschild-controlled Central Bank, no IMF debt, no genetically modified foods, oil and pipelines, anti-secret societies, anti-Zionism, secularism and nationalism.

Her brief message unravels as a sort of common sense manual which explains why the United States of America, the United Kingdom, the European Union (especially France) and Israel are so keen on destroying Syria, a country whose leadership just won’t bow down to the New World Order elites embedded deep inside the Western powers’ own public (government) and private (corporate/banking) power structures...

0jr said...

8 reasons the New World Order hates Syria

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