Hungarian amateur runner Szilvia Lubics won this year's 246-kilometer ultramarathon

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Szilvia Lubics won this year's women's 246-kilometer Athens-Sparta ultramarathon race reported the Hungarian Association of Ultramaratonists (UMSZ) Saturday night. Lubics completed the race in 28:03:04 hours.

In the men's category Portuguese Joao Oliveira finished first in 23:29:08 hours. Hungarian Csaba Lajkó crossed the finish line 15th (28:39:32 hours). More than 321 athletes from 35 countries competed this year's ultramarathon race.

Szilvia Lubics (Born May 27, 1974 in Jászberény) is an amateur runner and ultramaratonist; she is a dentist and a mother of three children. Currently, she lives in Nagykanizsa. Five-time Hungarian champion and three-time Spartan heroine.

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