Hungarian canoeing team outstanding performance earned second place on the medal table at 2013 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Hungarian canoeing team won seven gold medals at 2013 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships that was held 29 August–1 September in Duisburg, Germany finishing second overall behind Germany on the medal table. But in the Olympic events Hungary defeated Germany 46 to 42.

Gold medals:

Vajda Attila, canoe K-1, MEN 1000m

Vasbányai Henrik, Mike Róbert, canoe K-2, MEN 1000m

Kozák Danuta, kayak K-1, WOMEN 500m

Medveczky Erika, Kayak K-1, WOMEN 1000m

Szabó Gabriella, Fazekas Zur Krisztina, kayak K-2, WOMEN 1000m

Dusev-Janics Natasa, Vad Ninetta, Fazekas-Zur Krisztina, Kozák Danuta, K1 RELAY WOMEN 200m

Szabó Gabriella, Kozák Danuta, Fazekas-Zur Krisztina, Vad Ninetta, kayak k-4, WOMEN 500m

Silver medals:

Kovács Katalin, Janics Natasa, kayak K-2, WOMEN 500m

Vasbányai Henrik, Mike Róbert, canoe C-2 MEN 500m

Lakatos Zsanett, Takács Kincső, canoe C-2 WOMEN 500m

Vajda Attila, canoe C-1 MEN 5000m

Csay Renáta, kayak, K-1, WOMEN 5000m

Bronze medals:

Dombvári Bence, kayak K-1, MEN 1000m

Dombi Rudolf, Kökény Roland, kayak K-2, MEN 1000m

Lakatos Zsanett, canoe C-1 WOMEN 200m

Korisánszky Dávid, Korisánszky Péter, Vass András, Varga Dávid, canoe K-4, MEN 1000m

Tótka Sándor, Dudás Miklós, Molnár Péter, Hérics Dávid kayak K1 RELAY MEN 200m

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