Hungary can be an attractive place to invest again

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hungary can return to investment grade rating categories within two years says Bank of America experts. Domestic economic growth may start soon after the implementation of structural reforms that can spur the credit rating agencies to upgrade the country.

Hungary has implemented the most extensive structural reforms in Central and Eastern Europe, which likely to upgrade the country's status within two years into investment grade rating categories said two Bank of America analysts to Bloomberg.

The BofA experts say that the Hungarian economy may exhibit sustained growth soon, and it can expand an average of 1 percent per year from 2015 to 2020. The good thing is that no changes in government are expected in the coming years so the political system likely remains unchanged ensuring the continuity of the current economic policy.

However, the experts draw attention to the deteriorating results in the banking sector, which can discourage lending. The forthcoming major foreign currency debt bailout - according to Sándor Csányi, HUF 900 billion - would be a burden on the domestic banking sector, whereby the banks profitability may decline.

Hungary lost its investment grade status last year with three major credit-rating agencies, which was later followed by additional downgrades.

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Anonymous said...

There should not be foreign investment going in at all, ever. "Investment" is conquest by market forces rather than martial forces.

Anonymous said...

It is ALREADY a very attractive place to invest - for Jews.
Huge monies are coming in most of it going into real estate of various sorts.
If it is a Cyprus registered company, you can bet all your money with confidence, that it's Israeli.
This is money stolen (and still being stolen - QE 1, 2, 3) on Wall Street ending up in Israel; all Wall St. (bamks investment companies) and the US Fed is completely and thoroughly Jewish.

Hence, huge sums are available to buy-up HU for their future "homeland". It's an open secret now.

I have personally heard an American Jewish man telling his wife and two daughters on front of Dunacorso Etterem on a Thursday late afternoon in this July; facing, staring, photographing Buda across the Danube (the sun already set, but still bright daylight, just past 8pm, the Var looking absolutely gorgeous), him saying to the ugly wife and the two ugly fat daughters: "This will be ours" - American English accent. I know this is the PLAN, but was still shocked. They were wealthy (clothes, shoes, four very expensive cameras - one per person!) and probably from NY, based on the accent they spoke amongst each other.
The obviously figured, nobody understands them in English, and of course the typical Jewish arrogance, that it wouldn't matter anyway. (Haha, some DO understand).

I've been telling this event to EVERYBODY, who's willing to listen.

0jr said...

1 step at a time


10 Signs The Global Elite Are Losing Control

the fire sale is over
nobody will pay the prices the jews demand
they are next to go and if they don't understand the Hungarian word maybe they will understand the Hungarian acts

opu shaon said...

Yes, you are totally right. Hungary can be an attractive place for investing but we have to know proper knowledge to invest there in a right way. Thanks dude :)

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