Jobbik sets up work group to assess the costs of leaving the European Union

Monday, September 9, 2013

Jobbik held its autumn caucus meeting from Wednesday to Friday last week in Nyiregyhaza focusing on issues that the party will raise in the next session of parliament and the next year's parliamentary election campaign.

Party President Gábor Vona and vice-Chairman Csaba Gyüre held a press conference in Nyíregyháza on Friday and talked about some of the issues that got special attention at the caucus meeting. These included among others the Fidesz government's unfulfilled election promises, the foreign currency debt bailout issue and the land law that the government passed in the last session of parliament but Jobbik considers it inadequate because it can't protect the Hungarian farm land from foreign buyers.

In the next session of parliament Jobbik will introduce a new land law and call on the government to start negotiations with the European Union of the extension of the land purchase moratorium, because the conditions that called for it are still stand as Hungary's wages and living standards are not in parity with that of the Western European countries.

Vona revealed that the caucus discussed several taboo issues as well including the risks of quitting the European Union and the possible fallout of such a move. The Jobbik caucus unanimously supported the idea to set up a work group made up by independent economists with the objective to assess the costs of leaving the European Union and draw up plans about the country's economic and political possibilities outside the European Union.

The population should be adequately prepared for such a move because "we are over an unprepared EU accession, it would be unfortunate if we would leave the European Union in a disorderly manner," said party President Gábor Vona.

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0jr said...

They should become a neutral country.
Leave nato

Anonymous said...

The New World Order NWO Global Mafia won't like this ! Like Iceland, Greece, et. al., Hungary can expect severe punishment from the Rothschild (sovereign City of London Banking Cartel) Global Mafia (Noam Chomsky: Mafia Principle of Global Hegemony) for having the "nerve" to not be subservient to the Globalist supremacists. But, this is an opportunity to break away from the Globalist Mafia to set society and the economy "straight". The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) are a group of countries attempting the same thing - breaking away from the Globalist Mafia Cabal.

Areas to research and plan for include the following:

1) Social Credit Economics - allocate a Nation's "Credit" (not debt) to consumers, business, government for consumer purchases, business operations and government function.

2) Public Banking and the use of community owned + operated (distributed - non-centralized) Credit Unions to allocate + manage credit and perform the banking function. Allocate the National credit for domestic investment rather than relying upon "international investors" to provide fake (electronic) money.

3) The use of a Swiss WIR type debit card (local currency) as the mechanism to facilitate daily commerce (grease of commerce). Use the existing electronic banking infrastructure to facilitate daily business.

4) Facilitate and encourage the use of :

Distributist economics ( - small + medium family owned businesses + cooperatives.

Cooperatives and the Social Economy - particularly producer and retail cooperatives to distribute ownership of business to produces and consumers. (Mondragon Cooperative as an example)

Nationalize businesses, resources and land based upon National needs - the nation "owes" foreigners (foreign business) - nothing. If foreigners have a particular technology or business to offer that benefits the Nation, - fine, let them invest on a controlled basis. Hungarians "keep the orchard and sell the fruit".

5) Base international trade on the bilateral flow of physical goods and services rather than the exchange of fiat (paper) currencies controlled by the Globalist money changers. This cuts-out the Globalist money changers from control over an economy, international trade and keeps out of phony "free" trade agreements. The "value" of goods and services are valued (denominated) in the reciprocal trading partner currency, but the underlying trade is actually a flow of physical goods and services to maintain trade balances - modified barter trade.

Iran, for example, internationally trades its oil + gas on a reciprocal (bilateral) basis for trading partner physical goods and services - the value of trade is denominated (valued) in the reciprocal partner local currency. The trade is a physical flow of goods and services not phony "paper or electronic money". This provides the best value, security and control for international trade.

Anonymous said...

It is time to start planning for the post New World Order NWO period. The "West" (Rothschild sovereign City of London Anglo-American-Zionist banking Cartel) has reached their "Stalingrad" in Syria. Combined with a Global Awakening to the NWO agenda, the NWO is in full retreat and will be defeated. It is important to see where we have come from to determine new directions.

Obama’s Backdown and the New World Order Project

...In both world wars, for example, the dominant economic elites orchestrated the buildup to the wars, great care was taken so that the designated enemies would be seen as the aggressors. As a result, populations put their hearts and souls into the war effort. Not only were they ‘defending’ themselves, they were ‘fighting a war to end all wars’, or they were ‘defeating fascism’. Mind control is the most efficient means of population mobilization.

The Eurasian Project: A Threat to The New World Order

...It helps to understand why, at the moment, Cold War-style headlines are constantly popping up in Western media and what perceived threat the West discerned in Putin’s recent Eurasian integration. The obvious explanation is that, if implemented, the plan would come as a geopolitical challenge to the new world order, to the dominance of NATO, the IMF, the EU and other supranational bodies, and to the undisguised US primacy. Today’s increasingly assertive Russia suggests and is ready to start building an inclusive alliance based on principles providing a viable alternative to Atlantism and neoliberalism...

The Elite Plan for a New World Social Order

...A capitalist stirs up a war in order to make profits, and in fact our elite banking families have financed both sides of most military conflicts since at least World War 1. Hence historians have a hard time ‘explaining’ World War 1 in terms of national motivations and objectives.

In pre-capitalist days warfare was like chess, each side trying to win. Under capitalism warfare is more like a casino, where the players battle it out as long as they can get credit for more chips, and the real winner always turns out to be the house – the bankers who finance the war and decide who will be the last man standing. Not only are wars the most profitable of all capitalist ventures, but by choosing the winners, and managing the reconstruction, the elite banking families are able, over time, to tune the geopolitical configuration to suit their own interests...

Anonymous said...

Oh my, everyone would be happy if Hungary finally left and thus would stop to embarrass the union!

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