Legal farce: Police terrorists are charged with minor violation of the law

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The criminal trial of retired Police Chief Lt. Gen. Laszlo Bene, former National Police Chief Peter Gergényi and their twelve accomplices started today at the Metropolitan Tribunal.

The police terrorists had major roles to play in the suppression of the 2006 uprising that accomplished by using Stalinist means including torture and illegal imprisonment of hundreds of innocent people. Yet, the corrupt (intimidated?) court charged them only with minor violation of the law and the perpetrators were assured beforehand that regardless of the verdict they won't have to worry about having criminal records.

Victims of the 2006 atrocities and human rights groups, among them Jobbik MEP Krisztina Morvai and MP Tamás Gaudi-Nagy organized a demonstration at the court house. Chief criminal Ferenc Gyurcsány who was the main architect of the 2006 police crackdown also appeared at the court to give moral support to his criminal friends. Demonstrators spat on the slime bag twice and had to leave the court house under police escort.

The photo above shows former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany and his supporters laughing while watching court proceedings during the trial of his criminal friends. He is very confident and has absolutely no fear of being prosecuted for crimes (high treason) he has committed against the Hungarian people while in office despite the fact that he was the supervisor not only the suppression of the 2006 uprising, but also of the policy that brought the country dangerously close to bankruptcy at the end of his term in office -- an outcome that would have placed the country under international protectorate.

Gyurcsany's confidence is well-grounded. When he was first elected as a prime minister of the country in 2002, the messenger of Satan Henry Kissinger came to Budapest to personally instruct him of the job he is expected to accomplish while at the helm of government to the benefit of his puppet masters. Probably, at this meeting Kissinger also assured the vampire that regardless of the outcome of his policies, he won't have to worry about being prosecuted because he is under the protection of powerful global forces. You don't need hard core evidence to figure this out.

More about 2006 police brutality HERE!

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Don't they have min. sentencing standards and or can't it be appealed and or prosecuted in a intn'l tribunal

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What are the names of the judges ect and pics

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