No news about Alpinist Erzsébet Lesták since Saturday

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Alpinist Erzsébet Lesták plans to climb Shishapangma the world 14th highest mountain that no Hungarian mountaineer has ever attempted to climb before. She tries to get to the peak without extra oxygen and without the help of Sherpas. According to the original plan, she should have returned to the base camp on Tuesday but so far, there is no news about her.

She can't be reached for several days. The Hungarian female climber flew to Kathmandu on August 30 where she joined to her four foreign climbing partners. She reached the base camp on September 7. After building the 2nd and the 3rd base camps the group scheduled to summit the peak sometime Monday. If everything went according to plans by now, she suppose to be in the lower camp. contacted her the last time on Friday. In her last blog entry on Saturday Lesták wrote that they stayed in the base camp waiting for the weather to clear up before attempting to summit the peak.

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0jr said...

It would be news if she made it not if she did'nt.Where do these people get the money and time to do asanine stuff like that

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