The controlled media lamenting over survey results unveiling that the vast majority of Hungarian women rejects homosexuality

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ninety-one percent of Hungarian women would get an abortion if it turned out that their fetuses carry the gay gene.

The shitstream media crying crocodile tears over the result that was conducted by polling over five thousand women in 2009.

The controlled media are especially bitter about the fact that while only 31 per cent of women would get an abortion if the fetus carried the heart attack gene this number jumps to 91 percent when it comes to the hypothetical homosexual gene.

In other words, giving birth to a gay baby is the worst thing that can happen to a woman, according to the overwhelming majority of Hungarian women.

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Anonymous said...

The New World Order NWO programme is falling to pieces. The "West" is in real trouble - the elites and the "State" (government, media, banking cartel + big business, educational + academia + religious institutions) are collectively responsible for the mess - the complete break-down of society. The awareness is growing and the elites have no back-out plan - they are committed to their own disaster.

The West Against White America: Hail the Russian East!

...The entire course of history, the system holds, legitimizes not just the righteousness of its liberal modernity, but obligates it to remake the whole world in its image: a Wal-Mart and Burger King in every town and village across the planet...The system is programmed thus to oppose organic or historical forms of order and authority—for the logos such forms represent inevitably contradicts its own misbegotten rule...
Indeed, everything this counter-civilizational system does (or has done)—with its war-mongering compulsion for globalization, consumerism, open borders, free trade, Third-World immigration, social engineering, homosexuality, and feminism—is necessarily evil, because it is motivated by the lowest, most egoistic facets of man’s animal or material existence—and stands, as such, opposed to whatever is highest or noble in him...
The system’s inherent problems and failings are also becoming conspicuously more unmanageable and oppressive, especially as it herds the masses (“the 99%”) toward a new “medieval” age of renegade hierarchies...

This neo-medieval age the system plans can only be a totalitarian nightmare—part Orwell, part Huxley, part Burgess—in which everything is programmed, monitored, simulated, and sexualized, for the sake of exploiting the greatest number for the greater happiness of the chosen few...
In re-assuming a world-historical role in the course of the crisis, Russia has obviously been strengthened by identifying with her deeply-rooted Greco-Slavic-Christian heritage (one of the last unconquered remnants of European identity)...
for Russia, they see, defends not just a stable, lawful international order (or nomos), but, domestically, promotes the interests and welfare of the family and, internationally, defends endangered Christian communities...
This meant, among other things, eliminating those differences that divide sexes, races, and nations and discrediting the historic identities associated with them—as feminism, homosexuality, free trade, multiculturalism, anti-Christianism, anti-white racism, etc., became state doctrine...

Anonymous said...

Best Sex Ed is Russian literature children’s rights ombudsman

‘Best Sex Ed is Russian literature’ – children’s rights ombudsman

Presidential children’s rights advocate Pavel Astakhov says he opposes the introduction of sex education in schools adding that Russian literature can fill the gap and answer all the possible questions.

“The best sex education there is, in fact, is Russian literature and literature in general,” Astakhov told the Rossiya-24 news channel. “Children should read more. Everything is there, all about love and about relationships between sexes. School must raise children in chastity and with understanding of family values,” he added.

Astakhov told the audience how he warned the Ministry for Science and Education against introducing sex education lessons into Russian schools. “I am very glad that the ministry abandoned this idea because today it is very dangerous to let any specialists of this kind anywhere near children,” he noted.

At the same time, the ombudsman said he was not against the lessons of ethics and psychology of family life, similar to those that existed in Soviet schools. Astakhov suggested that these courses are revived.

The ombudsman was asked how and when parents should tell their children about homosexuality. He answered that this was the decision that every parent should take personally.

“Of course, children must be prepared for this. All parents must ask themselves – are we ready to tell our children about what exists in neighboring countries, are we ready to explain this and are we ready to support it in some way,” Astakhov elaborated.

The question was apparently prompted by the recently passed law that bans all promotion of non-traditional sex relations to minors. Critics of the act have noted that in its current form it effectively outlaws any mentioning of LGBT relationships that can be heard or otherwise learned by those underage, including talking between parents and children.

Supporters of the law suggested that it should be taken further and gay parents should be stripped of parental rights as their lifestyle can be considered the promotion of their ideas.

Legislators have not yet considered this move.

0jr said...

it should be made manditory by law

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