The globalist coalition lost the Baja municipal by-election

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fidesz candidate Csaba Kovács won the Baja municipal by-election held on Sunday. Globalist candidate Melinda Teket (MSZP Együtt, DK) finished second and Jobbik candidate György Markó finished third.

The globalist opposition joined forces in the municipal by-election to defeat the Fidesz candidate, which would have given them a psychological advantage in the upcoming national election will be held in the spring. The three globalist actors -- the head of the socialist party Attila Mesterházy, the head of the liberal party (Együtt) Gordon Bajnai (who was hand-picked by the American liberal establishment) and mental patient Ferenc Gyurcsany -- launched a concerted hate campaign against the Fidesz candidate several weeks before the election date.

Naturally, they said nothing to the electorate of the hidden agenda they are advancing for the benefit of their paymaster -- give tax relief to banks, sell the country's human and natural resources to the colonizers and promote gypsy crime as a means of keeping the population bogged down with public safety concerns.

Fidesz issued a statement by saying that the election result is a clear indication that the electorate rejects the globalist opposition; voters don't want to see those in power who have ruined the country before.

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