The globalist media tries to drive a wedge between Jobbik and the Sixty-four County Youth Movement (HVIM)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

One of the globalist news portals reported recently that the head of the HVIM Gyula Zagyva, who is sitting on Jobbik benches in parliament, leaves politics and won't run again as a candidate in the next year's national election. According to the globalist lie, Gyula Zagyva decided himself not to run, but his decision is in full agreement with the leaders of Jobbik party that find him difficult to handle.

Jobbik President Gábor Vona on his Facebook reacted to the globalist lie by reiterating that candidate selection for the 2014 national election hasn't been started yet. These sorts of speculations have no basis, they have the sole purpose to create confusion within the supporters of the party.

Gyula Zagyva works in the Jobbik fraction as part of an election agreement between Jobbik and the HVIM. It is true that Zagyva belongs to the radical wing of the Sixty-four County Youth Movement, however, as a member of the Jobbik fraction he works in close consultation with the party leadership, and he is a very disciplined member of Jobbik parliamentary group.

The relationship between Jobbik and the HVIM is unassailable, therefore every attempt to create animosity between the two organizations is futile writes Vona.

I personally have a very good, friendly relationship with Gyula Zagyva that the corrupt media machine demonizes right from the beginning, because they don't know him and do not want to know him, and he does not explain anything to them. I have never said anything that the globalist report suggested writes Vona.

Gyula Zagyva can serve as an example for those that left the Jobbik fraction earlier; he is the epitome of a true team player who knows how to serve the entire community even when there are shades opinions between himself and the party he represents concludes his comment on the issue Jobbik President Gábor Vona.

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0jr said...

vona also wanted to take over the guard by eliminating local leaders and centralizing control to himself I think he is a crypto jew and or gypsy somthing like lech walesa in poland tha gives alot of speeches writes alot of letters but accomplishes nothing

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