The Hungarian foreign ministry condemns the Assad regime for the use of chemical weapons

Monday, September 2, 2013

Following American orders issued last week by the American Embassy in Budapest the Hungarian ministry of foreign affairs issued a statement today condemning the Assad regime for the use of chemical weapons.

In the statement Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs János Martonyi stressed that Hungary condemns the chemical weapons attack that was deployed on August 21 in Syria causing almost one and a half thousand deaths. The crime that was committed against the civilian population violates all international standards. The minster added that especially shocking that one of every three victims of the attack were children.

The international community can't stand by and watch the perpetrators committing inhuman acts; those committed these crimes have to be held accountable for their acts.

The Hungarian government will continue to pay special attention to the Syrian crisis, paying particular attention of the situation of the Christian communities in Syria; the government is in close consultation with its European and Atlantic allies to determine what further steps are needed to solve the crisis.

(MTI –

Syrian rebels take responsibility for the chemical attack admitting the weapons were provided by Saudis


Anonymous said...

In two words (English) and in one word (Hungarian):
(A) rim job = seggnyalás.

0jr said...

what about condeming amerika and isrealhell for use of white phosphous,agent orange and depleted uranium

0jr said...

Stop The War in Syria! Send This Video to Congress

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