Unknown perpetrators left baby soap at the fence of the synagogue in Szeged

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Police launched a criminal investigation against unknown perpetrators that left several bars of baby soap at the fence of the synagogue in Szeged reporting The soaps were noticed by a member of a group visiting the synagogue who immediately reported the case to the tour guide who then alerted police.

According to András Lednitzky, the president of the Jewish Community in Szeged, the soaps are clear indications of the Auschwitz death camps. "Nothing as shocking and scandalous as the baby soap incident has happened in the last ten years in Szeged, which has always been an inclusive and tolerant city. Occasionally, a swastika or a Star of David are painted on the walls of houses, but that is about it; the incident has the capacity to strike fear into the hearts of members of the Jewish community. We hope that everyone understands that, and police catch the perpetrators as soon as possible" said Lednitzky.

Police spokesperson declined to respond to questions of when the soaps were left at the fence, when was the case reported to authorities and how many bars of soap have police recovered at the crime scene.

On the other hand, police spokesperson reiterated that anyone who engages in blatantly anti-community behavior targeting members of a group in order to induce fear and panic in members of that particular group violates the law.

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HungarianAmbiance said...

As I said before the use of language of hate is not welcomed here.

t.przechlewski said...
So the whole story was completly untrue...

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