While Katinka is in the pool her husband takes care with her wedding ring

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

After returning from Seychelles Island vacation, the newlywed couple immediately went to work.

World and European champion athlete Katinka Hosszú, who won two golds this year's world Championships in Barcelona, swims eight hours a day in the pool, while her husband Shane Tusup gives her instructions from the pool-side and takes care his wife's wedding ring.

"I would not leave the jewels in my bag," said Katinka who when gets out of the water immediately puts the precious wedding ring on her finger. I got three rings from Shane, and I wear two of them.

We have had a wonderful summer. Katinka won two golds in Barcelona and I got married to a beautiful girl said Katinka's husband and coach Shane Tusup.

Katinka and her coach got married three weeks ago on Seychelles Island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, in a close family setting -- she trained even while on vacation.

In one week, I completed a total of 32 kilometers in the pool, but of course, we bathed together as well. I'm proud to say that today, I am faster than Shane, but it was not always that way. Our working relationship has not changed anything since we got married; starting in October we hit the road again. Of course, we won't go on vacation again until next August. So far, I don't think about starting a family, this won't be an issues until the 2016 Rio Olympics said Katinka who earned a total of 112 thousand dollars (HUF 25.3 million) in this year's World Cup series.

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