Cellphones and Child Brains: ‘Casualty Catastrophe’

Thursday, October 31, 2013

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Petition to the Government of Romania on the autonomy of the Székely people by Human Rights Lawyer Dr. Eva Maria Barki


His Excellency Trajan Basescu, President of Romania
His Excellency Victor Ponta, Prime Minister of Romania
House of Parliament of Romania: Camera Deputatilor and Senarul
Via The Embassy of Romania, Vienna.

On March 10, 2013, world-wide demonstrations and petitions pointed out the still unregulated legal status of the Székelys/Hungarians in Transylvania.

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European Champion swimmer Zsuzsanna Jakabos underwent shoulder surgery

Zsuzsanna Jakabos had a shoulder surgery to correct a chronic arthritis that bothered her for many years said her coach Ivan Petrov.

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Jobbik President Gábor Vona on a lecture tour in Turkey

Gábor Vona held his first lecture yesterday at Sakarya University near Istanbul. Vona delivers four lectures and holds forums at several Turkish universities.

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The Hungarian, Polish and Lithuanian nations want to chart their future together

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The monument commemorating to the founder of the Jagiello Dynasty, the king of Poland, Lithuania and Hungary Vladislav II.(Ulászló in Hungarian) and Queen Hedvig; the memorial was unveiled on Wednesday in the Europe park in Budapest.

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Jobbik supporting Bulgaria's decision to extend the farmland moratorium until 2020

The Bulgarian parliament voted last week by an absolute majority to extend the land purchase moratorium until 2020. Jobbik staged a sympathy protest at the Bulgarian embassy to show its solidarity with the decision of the Bulgarian parliament. Bulgaria has made this move despite the fact that the EU will certainly impose strict sanctions against the country.

Jobbik expresses its appreciation to the Bulgarian politicians that supported the motion. The legislation was tabled by the patriotic Ataka party said Jobbik MP Géza Varga.

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Methanol as a new fuel

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

According to Nobel Prize-winning chemist György Oláh, if Iceland can produce methanol as a fuel Hungary can do the same. Methanol can be made from shale gas and sparkling thermal water -- which Hungary has a lot – and use the product as a fuel for heavy vehicles said the Nobel Prize-winning chemist.

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Picture of the day: Girls of Felsőrákos dressed in traditional folk costume

Photo: Sántha Imre Géza

( –

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Introducing the head of Jobbik Dombrád Wing and one of the world's top free style football players Tamás Sűrű

Results so far: Bronze medal in Masters Of The Game Amsterdam 2006, two-time Hungarian champion (First Hungarian Freestyle Champs football contest and Red Bull Street Style 2009), two-time Dutch champion (Streetmasters Amsterdam 2009, Streetmasters Armesfoort 2009).

( -

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Five years ago Slovakian thug cops assaulted Hungarian football fans in Dunaszerdahely

Dunaszerdahely commemorates to the fifth anniversary of the bloody crackdown by Slovakian thug cops on Hungarian football fans at the Dunaszerdahely football stadium during DAC - Slovan football match.

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Huge Hungarian success at the Traditional Archery World Championships in Cheonan, South Korea

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Hungarian team won five medals at the Traditional Archery World Championships held in Cheonan, South Korea last week. Two-hundred-thirty-six contestants from 28 countries took part in the competition.

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Wallingford’s Hungarian club unveils monument to heritage

By Eve Britton Record-Journal staff

WALLINGFORD — The hulking granite monument was hidden under an oversized white sheet in front of the Hungarian Community Center, while speakers talked about the sacrifices and improvements Hungarians had made in Wallingford.

“This represents two years of very hard work on the part of the club in design and setup,” said Barbara Kapi, a past club president, speaking to about 100 people gathered for the unveiling outside the club. “It’s dedicated to the people who came before us.”

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Jobbik 10th Congress nominated party President Gábor Vona as the opposition party candidate for prime minister

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Party President Gábor Vona has been nominated for the post of prime minister for the 2014 general elections by Jobbik 10th Congress held in Budapest on Saturday. By a secret vote, 98.8 percent of delegates voted confidence to party President Gábor Vona who has been leading the party for seven years.

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Close to ten thousand people staged a sympathy protest at the Romanian embassy in Budapest

COF is preparing a petition for the European Union and the Romanian Government regarding the Székely autonomy said COF spokeswoman Isabella Bencze. Journalist Zsolt Bayer in a statement called attention to the promise of the Gyulafehérvár declaration that guaranteed autonomy for the Székely people.

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More photos of the Székely march

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Slovakian police harassed Pozsony Student Network activists at the Romanian Embassy

Pozsony Student Network activists staged a sympathy protest by creating a Székely flag from four hundred colored candles in front of the Romanian Embassy in Pozsony this morning. The aim of the action was to show solidarity with the Székely people's march for autonomy says the statement issued by the Pozsony Student Network.

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March for autonomy in Székely Land kicks off

Marchers carrying a gigantic Székely flag

Proclamation for the autonomy of Székely Land

In the manifesto participants of the Székely march confirmed that they want to exercise their right of self-determination and self-governance. The manifesto was signed by the chairman of the Székely National Council Izsák Balázs.

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Bonfires are burning on the mountain tops of "Háromszék" at the eve of the largest Székely march ever for autonomy

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Organizers lit bonfires on the mountain tops of "Háromszék" Saturday evening at the eve of the largest Székely march ever for autonomy that kicks off Sunday morning.

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Hungarians are wondering...

More and more Hungarians are asking the question whether the tax department investigates these lavish gypsy weddings with the same zeal as it harasses small business people who are struggling to survive.

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Great opportunities in Hungarian - Russian economic relations

Friday, October 25, 2013

Hungarian- Russian economic relations are expanding beyond expectations. The combined value of joint ventures with the recently launched initiatives amounts to about $ 2 billion said Leonid Surigin commercial counselor of the Russian Federation at the fourth Hungarian - Russian International Economic Forum and Business meeting held in Budapest on Thursday.

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Football legend Ferenc Puskás' bronze bust was unveiled in Valdebebas

Football legend Ferenc Puskás' bronze bust was unveiled at Real Madrid Football Club's Training Center in Valdebebas on Thursday by club President Florentino Pérez who was accompanied by among others, Puskás' widow Erzsébet Puskás and some of Puskas' former teammates. The artwork is the creation of architect and sculptor Pedro Montes.

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Thought for the day, October 25, 2013

Thursday, October 24, 2013

His disciples said to him, “When will the kingdom come?”

Jesus said, “It will not come by watching for it. It will not be said, 'Look, here it is,' or 'Look, there it is.' Rather, the Father's kingdom is spread out upon the earth, and people do not see it.”

(Gospel of Thomas)

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Council of Europe: The irresponsible media spreading false rumors on Gypsies

Good-humored Human Rights Commissioner Nils Muiznieks

Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Nils Muiznieks rebuked the press in a letter sent to journalists because of stirring up "widespread anti-Roma sentiments" in the media.

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Szabolcs Takács: 2013 is the breakthrough year in Hungarian-Turkish relations

The Political Director at the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Szabolcs Takács said 2013 has been „the year of breakthrough” in Hungarian-Turkish relations, and that the long-term goal was to advance bilateral cooperation between the two countries to a strategic level.

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The western media are disappointed: The globalist parties failed to mobilize on the national holiday

The western media had high hopes for a huge anti-government rally at the anniversary of the 1956 revolution, yesterday. They hoped that the globalist opposition manage to mobilize hundreds of thousands of anti government demonstrators that oppose the policies of the Orban government that the globalist media have been attacking continuously since it came to power in 2010.

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Greek police found a blond girl in a Gypsy colony

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A blond girl called Maria was found in a Greek gypsy colony by police while searching for drugs. The girl is believed to be Scandinavian descent. Now, she is in state care and authorities are looking for her parents. According to CNN, the gypsy family that claimed that the child was theirs have been linked to the disappearance of more than ten children. They are charged with document forgery and kidnapping.

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Austrian photojournalist Erich Lessing: Photos of the 1956 revolution and war of independence

Austrian photojournalist Erich Lessing travelled to Hungary three times in 1956. He visited the most famous scenes of the revolution including the "Corvin köz", the "Nagykörút", and took dramatic pictures at the "Köztársaság tér" where there was intense fighting due to the fact that the headquarters of the Bolshevik death quad located in the area. More photographs can be seen HERE!

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Interview with Gábor Vona by The Voice of Russia

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

'Europe and the West have disowned their most essential values' – Vona

By Valentin Mândrăşescu
The Voice of Russia

In an exclusive interview to the Voice of Russia, Gabor Vona the leader of Movement for a Better Hungary (Jobbik) talks about the crisis of globalized capitalism, the Syrian conflict and the struggle against the US-controlled world order.

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Former Minister of Defence Lajos Für has passed away Tuesday morning

Former Minister of Defence Lajos Für, a founding member of the MDF passed away Tuesday morning in the Military Hospital in Budapest announced the Ministry of Defence (MoD). He served as a minister of defense from 1990-1994 in the Antall and Boross governments.

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Jobbik: Mass electoral fraud to be expected in the spring national election

According to Jobbik spokesman Adam Mirkóczki, the staged electoral fraud that surfaced up in the media right after the Baja municipal election is evidence that the mainstream parties are corrupt to the core.

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A female suicide bomber blew herself up on a bus in the Russian city of Volgograd

Monday, October 21, 2013

According to reports, a female suicide bomber set off a block of TNT explosives, which was packed with grenades, bolts and metal scrap. Bomb squad also found an unexploded grenade on the bus what they disarmed.

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Demonstrations in New York City, Cleveland and Toronto on October 27 in support of the Székely autonomy

Supporters of the Székely autonomy stage a protest at the Romanian Embassies in New York City (200 E 38 St.New York, NY. 10016) and Toronto (555 Richmond Street West) on October 27 at 2 pm. In Cleveland supporters of the Székely cause meet at the “Szent Imre” Catholic church on October 27, 9 am.

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The Hungarian Socialist (Vampire) Party remained true to its roots, it released a video that shows a fake election fraud obtained information regarding a video that has been circulating in the shitstream media since the Baja municipal election last week and accusing Fidesz with election fraud. But the plotters were exposed; the producers of the video confessed to police that the clip was ordered by Socialist voodoo vipers the political heirs of Bela Kun, Matyas Rakosi and other Bolshevik criminals as an “educational video”.

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The political successors of Bela Kun and Matyas Rakosi unveiled a Gyula Horn bust in the Socialist party headquarters

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The political successors of Bela Kun, Matyas Rakosi and other Bolshevik criminals quietly unveiled a bust of former Prime Minister and Bolshevik militiaman Gyula Horn -- also known as the “pufajkás” -- who turned his guns on his people in 1956. The bust was unveiled in the Socialist party's headquarters in Budapest; for the time being, the indoor sculpture can be seen only by his comrades or those that have access to the building.

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Jobbik changes party constitution: Hungarians living in the lost territories can delegate candidates in the party's decision making body

Jobbik held a caucus meeting in Beregszasz, Karpátalja (currently belongs to Ukraine) Wednesday afternoon where party leader Gábor Vona announced that the caucus passed a unanimous decision allowing Jobbik members living in the lost territories to send representatives into the party's highest decision-making body, the Congress.

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Besides swimming, European Champion Swimmer Zsuzsanna Jakabos does some modeling as well

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Photo:Photo Panamy

European champion swimmer Zsuzsanna Jakabos once again indulged in her other passion, modeling. She posed for a metropolitan shopping center, and for the Hungarian Red Cross encouraging university and high school students to donate blood.

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The Socialist party fools retirees with free "Horn Gyula" bus pass

The party of vampires promises free bus pass to retirees – especially, those suffered dementia and other form of mental retardation during the communist era -- if they vote for the treasonous party in the spring national election.

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Balázs Havasi's music video will be broadcasted in more than one hundred countries

Friday, October 18, 2013

Pianist - Composer Balázs Havasi's latest music video will be broadcasted around the world by C Music TV informed the press by the artist's management on Thursday.

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Central Europe is a promising investment target for India says Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hungary is asking India to “put Central Europe on its map” said Prime Minister Victor Orbán in his presentation titled Hungary and Europe in a changing world held at Sapru House, India’s foreign policy institute. Central Europe including Hungary offers promising opportunities with Europe's largest growth potential because the region has already recovered from the economic crisis.

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Csángó Hungarian folk singer and educator Ilona Nyisztor received the European Citizen Prize

The European Citizen Prize is given to individuals that effectively promoting mutual understanding among the citizens of the EU Member States.

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Fifty thousand Syrian Christians want to become Russian citizen

According to Syrian Christians "Western backed terrorists want to eliminate the thousand year old Christian presence in Syria," therefore, Syrian Christians are ready to apply for Russian citizenship says a letter that has been signed by 50 thousand people, and has been sent to the Russian foreign ministry through diplomatic channels.

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Hungary aims to double its mushroom production capacity

One of the goals for the European Union's 2014-2020 financial period is to increase mushroom production capacity from 25 thousand tons to 50 thousand tons and to achieve 20 billion forints in extra revenues within the mushroom sector, the Ministry of Rural Development's Minister of State for Agricultural Economy said on Wednesday in Ócsa, near Budapest.

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Hunt for Rovas blurrings

Save our Rovas city limit signs!

The grass root movement for the standardized Szekely-Hungarian Rovas city limit signs in the Carpathian Basin started only 3 years ago. Since then, the system was approved by the Hungarian Public Road Company and more than 700 Rovas city limit signs marked both the success of the concept and the cooperation of local communities for the Hungarian cultural heritage. Although the system is gaining acceptance and constantly growing popularity, unfortunately there have been few cases of assault against the signs or the organizers in the media and even vandalism in the reality as well.

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Prime Minister holds official visit in India

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán left on Wednesday for a two-day official visit to India at the head of a political and business delegation including Economy Minister Mihály Varga, Human Resources Minister Zoltán Balog and State Secretary for External Economic Relations and Foreign Affairs Péter Szijjártó.

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Saying of the day: Globalist whore Ferenc Gyurcsany - We received money from many places...

"I was the president of this party (The Socialist party). We received money from many places, but hardly from Europe. You don't want to know where did the money come from" said former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany during an interview with the National Association of Hungarian Journalists.

What do you think who financed this party of vampires?


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PM Viktor Orbán: Our slogan is Soli Deo gloria (Glory to God alone)

The government has the duty to build churches as well said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to a protestant newspaper.

"Our government implicitly valid slogan is Soli Deo gloria (Glory to God alone); this is a nation building government, and this commitment includes the construction of churches" said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a brief interview with the latest edition of the Reformed Journal (Reformátusok Lapja).

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Budapest Prosecutor's Office laid war crimes charges against Bolshevik criminal Bela Biszku

According to the indictment, after the defeat of the 1956 revolution Bela Biszku (the granddaddy of the current liberal-Bolshevik establishment made up by individuals like Attila Mesterhazy, Ferenc Gyurcsany and Gordon Bajnai) was one of the members of the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party central command and decision-making body; as well as, a member of the Provisional Executive Committee, which created the communist militia (organized gang of killers). It was the Interim Steering Committee that controlled the activities of the murderous militia, it decided on tasks and targets that the militia forces carried out.

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State Secretary Péter Szijjártó signed bilateral agreements in New Delhi

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hungary signed several bilateral agreements with India after a meeting of the two countries' joint economic committee in New Delhi.

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The wholly Hungarian owned “CBA Kereskedelmi Kft" sees great opportunities in the Russian market

© Photo: / mirjoran / cc -by

"CBA Kereskedelmi Kft" plans to open "Hungaricum Delicatessen" stores in the Russian capital. The goal is to sell the most popular Hungarian food products on the Russian market said Attila Fodor, director of communications for the department store chain to MTI on Monday.

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The head of the Sixty-four Counties Youth Movement László Toroczkai was declared persona non grata by Romanian border officials

Monday, October 14, 2013

The head of the Sixty-four Counties Youth Movement László Toroczkai, his wife and his two little daughters (6 years old and 16 months old) were stopped at Nagyszalonta-Méhkerék border crossing by Romanian border guards preventing him and his family from entering Transylvania said Toroczkai on Facebook.

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Tengri: Montage of Cultures

Tengri: Montage of Cultures – an international evening of culture inspired the ancient Tengri culture that unites nations such as Kazakhstan, Hungary, Republic of Bulgaria and many more. This culture is devoted to living in balance with nature, remembering the roots, and the wisdom of ancestors.

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The Hungarian Guard's bikers division distributed donations in Nádudvar

On September 21, the Hungarian Guard's bikers division delivered a large truckload of donations to Nádudvar, Hajdu-Bihar county. The donations included clothes, toys, furniture, and electronic equipment.

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Katinka Hosszú won 10 medals at the third leg of the FINA Swimming World Cup 2013 in Moscow

Current World Cup leader and defending winner Katinka Hosszu (HUN) added two more gold medals to her impressive collection at the Moscow meet (an overall tally of 10 medals: three gold, four silver and three bronze). In the 400m IM, Hosszu comfortably won in 4:30.65. Miyu Otsuka (JPN) came second in 4:32.35 while Mirea Belmonte (ESP) came third in 4:36.55.

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Ébredj, magyar! (Awake, Hungarians!)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A beautiful song by opera singer NatáLia Bálint.

The song had been written and released in 2009 under the pseudonym Valentina Karácsony. Then, the Satanic Gyurcsany regime was still in power and the singer didn't reveal her identity because she didn't want her career to be influenced by her nationalist stance.

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Gábor Vona reacts to the liberal-Bolsevick plan to desecrate the national holiday

The extreme left and the extreme liberal parties will be on stage on October 23: the Hungarian Socialist Party, Együtt-PM, the extremist Gyurcsányist Democratic Coalition, the Hungarian Social Democratic Party, the Liberals, the Free Peoples of Hungary party, the Liberal Party and the Modern Hungary Movement got together to desecrate the national holiday at the Technical University on October 23. The chairman of Jobbik party Gábor Vona reacted to the plan on Facebook. (Note: All these parties -- except the socialist party -- are fringe parties with negligible or no discernible support)

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Hogy szabadulhatunk a sátáni hattérerők fogságából a fehér forint bevezetésével - beszélgetés Drábik Jánossal

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Viktor Orban interview: 'Patriotism is a good thing'

By Charles Moore

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban during his interview with The Daily Telegraph  Photo: GEOOF PUGH FOR THE TELEGRAPH

"As I get older [he is still only 50], I tend to be more sceptical. Values are more important than money. National sovereignty is more and more important in my mind. The question 'Who is governing us?' is the key question."

Read the rest of the interview HERE!

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