According to the European Soviet Union, the June flood damage was not significant enough -- Hungarian claims do not meet the conditions for EU assistance

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hungary doesn't get financial help from the European Solidarity Fund; the June flood damage is not significant enough to allow the Fund to mobilize its resources as Hungarian claims do not meet the conditions for EU assistance said EU officials in Brussels on Thursday.

Johannes Hahn, Member of the Commission responsible for regional policy, said that although all harm was bad news, Hungary EUR 27 million (HUF 8 billion) in damage was a very limited amount of loss and according to the European Commission was not enough to get help from the Fund.

In the mean time, Germany receives 360 million euros flood relief, the Czech Republic and Austria EUR 15.9 million and 21.6 and Romania due to drought and forest fires caused damage receives 2.4 million euros.

The committee's recommendation must be approved by the European Parliament and of the Council of Ministers from Member States as well.

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