Bonfires are burning on the mountain tops of "Háromszék" at the eve of the largest Székely march ever for autonomy

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Organizers lit bonfires on the mountain tops of "Háromszék" Saturday evening at the eve of the largest Székely march ever for autonomy that kicks off Sunday morning.

More than two hundred young people gathered on Maksa peak at the ceremonial lighting of the bonfire.

Csongor Oltean the President of "Háromszék" Youth Council said to MTI that the struggle for autonomy would be long, therefore, they have decided that at the last Saturday of October every year they lit bonfires for autonomy on the mountain tops of "Háromszék" thus declaring that for young people autonomy meant the future.

The ritual of lighting bonfires has a long tradition; in the past centuries, these fires signaled pending danger. By lighting bonfires on mountain tops the Székely population could learn in a short time about the invading Turkish and Mongol armies in the past centuries and they could organize their own defenses. Over the past two decades, the bonfire tradition evolved and linked mostly to Hungarian National holidays in Székely Land.

The Székely march for autonomy on Sunday has been organized by the Székely National Council and the Hungarian parties of Szekely Land to advance their demand for autonomy. On a 53 km stretch of highway 11 between Brassó and Bákó marchers advancing from 14 settlement to form a single column at the Székely stretch of the highway. Organizers are expecting one hundred thousand people to attend the event.

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