Budapest Prosecutor's Office laid war crimes charges against Bolshevik criminal Bela Biszku

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

According to the indictment, after the defeat of the 1956 revolution Bela Biszku (the granddaddy of the current liberal-Bolshevik establishment made up by individuals like Attila Mesterhazy, Ferenc Gyurcsany and Gordon Bajnai) was one of the members of the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party central command and decision-making body; as well as, a member of the Provisional Executive Committee, which created the communist militia (organized gang of killers). It was the Interim Steering Committee that controlled the activities of the murderous militia, it decided on tasks and targets that the militia forces carried out.

The armed groups committed premeditated killings all over the country targeting mostly the civilian population. The indictment mentions the killing of three civilians at Budapest Western Station on December 6, 1956 and in the city of Salgótarján on December 8, 1956 where the Bolshevik death squads shot several people including women and children.

The official statement clearly states that Bela Biszku received a report on the atrocities committed by the organized gang of killers on April 9, 1957, but he didn't initiate an official investigation in the case instead, he ordered the information to be covered up due to the fact that the post-revolutionary retributions supervised by him and his accomplices.

The official wording says: The Geneva Convention specifies that those instigating murder against the civilian population by malicious motives commit war crimes, which is punishable with life imprisonment.

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