Close to ten thousand people staged a sympathy protest at the Romanian embassy in Budapest

Sunday, October 27, 2013

COF is preparing a petition for the European Union and the Romanian Government regarding the Székely autonomy said COF spokeswoman Isabella Bencze. Journalist Zsolt Bayer in a statement called attention to the promise of the Gyulafehérvár declaration that guaranteed autonomy for the Székely people.

The third paragraph of the Gyulafehérvár declaration in 1918 guaranteed national sovereignty for all ethnic groups living in Romania recalled Journalist Zsolt Bayer in front of the Romanian embassy. Accordingly, all ethnic groups can have their own courts and self-government reminded the Romanian media and Romanian officials the journalist.

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Anonymous said...

These clowns Fidesz walked out of parliament several years ago, now they pull on patriotic colors to further fool the people, rotten Wolves in sheep's clothing..

Anonymous said...

Interesting historical analysis of the political environment prior to WW1.

European Principles of Gavrilo Princip

On June 28, 1914, a young Serbo-Croatian nationalist, Gavrilo Princip, assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian empire, in Sarajevo. In doing so, he was opposing the planned integration of the Yugoslavs into the Empire. In response to this crime, Austria-Hungary launched a preemptive war against Serbia, and by shifting alliances it sparked the outbreak of World War I. But in reality, Gavrilo Princip’s crime was not to be a Serb, but to wish for a political system akin to the European and U.S. models.

Many in the world and Serbia tell at length of how Serbia is not only the direct trigger of World War I but also the real cause for devastating human losses. We are taught that that bastard Gavrilo Princip, that terrorist and murderer, outlaw, damned Serb was our responsibility and solely Serbian fault. He murdered Franz Ferdinand and his perfectly innocent wife in Sarajevo, with no reason. If it hadn’t been for him, Europe would have avoided World War I, and many say even WWII, whereas European Union would soon celebrate a hundred years of existence.

Such ‘arguments’ lead to conclusion that Gavrilo Princip was the devil himself who ruined perfect Austro-Hungarian Empire which was governed by harmonious and perfect relations between royal crown and its numerous, and according to ethnic and national background, diverse subjects. Was it actually so? Were only the members of Young Bosnia (Serbs, Croatians, Muslim- the composition of the organization was not questioned, not even by Tito’s historiography) unsatisfied in this idyllic and flawless empire, which is nowadays considered to have been a forerunner of European Union and first actual multiethnic creation in Europe? Of course not.

Let’s go back for a while to those, in many respects strange, but also glorious times. It was a time of many assassinations, more or less successful, out of many impulses, causes and reasons. We are going to deal with those exact assassinations which somehow remained hidden in this ‘flawless’ history of Europe, which was violated by just that one damned Serb. But, let us see, how many skeletons and blood today’s Europe is trying to hide behind the stage where world and European history took place...

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