Fifty thousand Syrian Christians want to become Russian citizen

Thursday, October 17, 2013

According to Syrian Christians "Western backed terrorists want to eliminate the thousand year old Christian presence in Syria," therefore, Syrian Christians are ready to apply for Russian citizenship says a letter that has been signed by 50 thousand people, and has been sent to the Russian foreign ministry through diplomatic channels.

"The Russian citizenship would be an honor for every Syrian Christian" says the letter writers.

The signatories include doctors, engineers, lawyers, and businessmen; they emphasize they have no intentions to leave their homes. “We have everything what is needed, we do not ask for money".

Citizenship would provide protection to Syrian Christians. No one knows what will happen to Syria. According to some forecasts Syria can become a federal state. It may break up into three or four parts, and cease to be a unitary state. This is why Christians living in Syria want to acquire Russia's support, or at least want to get moral support from Russia said Russian Middle Eastern expert Stanislav Tarasov.

The citizenship request creates certain difficulties for Russia said Middle Eastern expert, Sergei Seregichev.

We don't refuse their request out of hand. But if we grant them citizenship, and then, God forbid, something happens in their country, a lot of Russian citizens will have to be evacuated, which requires a complicated rescue operation.

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