Gábor Vona reacts to the liberal-Bolsevick plan to desecrate the national holiday

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The extreme left and the extreme liberal parties will be on stage on October 23: the Hungarian Socialist Party, Együtt-PM, the extremist Gyurcsányist Democratic Coalition, the Hungarian Social Democratic Party, the Liberals, the Free Peoples of Hungary party, the Liberal Party and the Modern Hungary Movement got together to desecrate the national holiday at the Technical University on October 23. The chairman of Jobbik party Gábor Vona reacted to the plan on Facebook. (Note: All these parties -- except the socialist party -- are fringe parties with negligible or no discernible support)

Mesterházy, Bajnai, Gyurcsány, Schmuck, Fodor, Bokros and many others will be on stage on October 23. The extreme left rejoices. Let me ruin their festive mood because what I see is nothing more but theatrics.

The stage will be full of failed, old and unfit politicians to hold a rhetoric competition. They will speak about unity, fooling the poor and unfortunate citizens of the country that still believe in them meanwhile, if they could they would do away with them in no time.

These guys had their time and countless opportunities to prove themselves, but they blew it. Gyurcsány and Bajnai were prime ministers before, Mesterházy served as a secretary of state, Fodor and Bokros served as ministers. They governed the country for years but what they left behind is corruption and lies. Wasn't this enough?

Those who believe in these characters, either short-sighted, masochistic or forgetful.

They attack PM Viktor Orbán who according to them suffers from democratic deficit but they are no better than him. If they had two-thirds majority in parliament they would do the the same, perhaps under different slogans.

The stage at the Technical University will be full of people who are the political successors of Janos Kadar who crushed the 1956 revolution. They are the "Kádárjugends". It is pathetic that these characters have the nerve to stand up and make speeches on October 23.

Those who vote for them vote for the past. I would like to remind those voters that among young people Jobbik is already the most popular party and it is not a coincidence; the future can't be stopped!

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Anonymous said...

Becoming Who We Are Leftist Eurocentrism & the Destiny of the West by Collin Cleary

...I know that this will seem an incredible claim. But consider: while those on the Left spend a great deal of time today speaking about “diversity,” in reality they are only willing to affirm those aspects of other cultures that do not conflict with the ideals of Western liberalism. Other cultures may enter into the great, multicultural project – but they may not exhibit (as many do) sexism, misogyny, or homophobia – or engage in such practices as arranged marriages, duels, honor killings, or clitoridectomy. Western liberals are in fact perfectly prepared to welcome individuals from cultures that practice these things – but most see it as their mission to enlighten them and get them to stop...

The Left-wing “celebration of diversity” amounts, in the end, to a celebration of culture in its external and superficial forms. In other words, to Western liberals “multiculturalism” winds up amounting simply to such things as different costumes, music, styles of dance, languages, and food. The real guts of the different cultures – how they view the world, how they view the divine, how they view men and women – have to be nipped and tucked (or even excised entirely) to bring them into conformity with Western liberalism.

...Thus, the hidden agenda of so-called “multiculturalism” is really the “Enlightenment,” or rather Europeanization, of all peoples. Now, I would venture to say that virtually no Western liberals are consciously aware of this. The obvious reason is that for the most part they are unable to see the culture of liberalism as uniquely Western – and thus they do not perceive that they have any Western identity at all. They see themselves as cosmopolitans; citizens of the world. They have no qualms about “helping” others to become like themselves, because they think that what they are really doing is merely helping those others to become truly human (to “realize their human potential”)...

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