Greek police found a blond girl in a Gypsy colony

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A blond girl called Maria was found in a Greek gypsy colony by police while searching for drugs. The girl is believed to be Scandinavian descent. Now, she is in state care and authorities are looking for her parents. According to CNN, the gypsy family that claimed that the child was theirs have been linked to the disappearance of more than ten children. They are charged with document forgery and kidnapping.

The girl is aged 5 or 6; it is likely that the gypsies kidnapped her to make a professional beggar out her. Luckily, they did not cripple her, which gypsies often do to children before start training them to beg to arouse pity among the public. There are reports that the girl was seen begging in a shopping mall near the gypsy colony.

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