Hungarian Cultural Institute to open in Istanbul

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The government opens a Hungarian Cultural Institute in Turkey, Hungary’s political and economic partner of strategic importance. The institute to be established in Istanbul ensuring the continued presence of Hungarian culture in Turkey.

The goal of the institute is to disseminate Hungarian cultural achievements in Turkish society, to broaden awareness of our country and positively influence Hungary’s image in Turkish society in times of intensifying bilateral relations between the two countries.

There is a very strong sense of cultural and linguistic unity between Hungary and Turkey and the two countries are tied together in a deep political, economic and strategic partnership, which can be further strengthened by the opening of the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Istanbul.

Like other Hungarian Institutes around the world the Istanbul institute is in line with Hungary’s image-building efforts; it will give an insight into Hungary's culture and history. The other aim of the project is to build and foster warm relationship with Turkey and support the government’s foreign policy initiatives.

Currently, 19 Hungarian Cultural Institutes operating in 17 countries as part of the Balassi Institute network.

The one in Turkey will be located in the heart of Istanbul, close to Taksim Square.

The Director General of the Balassi Institute Pál Hatos revealed that this year three more institutes open around the world: in Zagreb on October 25, in Beijing on November 13, and in Belgrade at the end of November.

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