Hunt for Rovas blurrings

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Save our Rovas city limit signs!

The grass root movement for the standardized Szekely-Hungarian Rovas city limit signs in the Carpathian Basin started only 3 years ago. Since then, the system was approved by the Hungarian Public Road Company and more than 700 Rovas city limit signs marked both the success of the concept and the cooperation of local communities for the Hungarian cultural heritage. Although the system is gaining acceptance and constantly growing popularity, unfortunately there have been few cases of assault against the signs or the organizers in the media and even vandalism in the reality as well.

Therefore, the community of the Rovas user base has not only creative tasks but has also to solve issues of reconstruction and fight for its basic rights and interests as well - both in the physical and virtual reality. An example for the later is the case of Google Street View where the Szekely-Hungarian Rovas city limit signs are blurred out surprisingly often. There is still no official explanation from Google about this issue but beyond the Rovas user base the worldwide Hungarian community can act to stop the culturally discriminative practice of Street View. The first step is to report the problem.

How to report a problem to Street View:

Open the Hungarian site of Google Maps
Find the location of the Rovas city limit sign and switch to Street View
Check if the Rovas city limit signs on all the images can be seen without blurring
If there is blurring on the image, zoom in to the city limit sign (Example)
Click on the "Report a problem" button in the right bottom corner of the screen
Choose both times the "other" category in the menu
Place the frame on the blurred Rovas city limit sign (Example)
Write the explanation of the problem into the form, fill in your e-mail address and submit the report. Ez example for the explanation:

In this Street View image - among many others -, the city limit sign written in traditional Hungarian script, the Szekely-Hungarian Rovas is unnecessarily blurred out. Please unblur it and grade up your character recognition algorithm with the Szekely-Hungarian Rovas character set to avoid the recurrences of this problem.

Have a successful hunt for Rovas censorship and please publish (blog, Facebook, home page, etc) all the pictures - with their links - of the blurred Rovas city limit signs of Gooogle Street View.


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