Jobbik: Mass electoral fraud to be expected in the spring national election

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

According to Jobbik spokesman Adam Mirkóczki, the staged electoral fraud that surfaced up in the media right after the Baja municipal election is evidence that the mainstream parties are corrupt to the core.

According to the Jobbik spokesman, in the last 23 years, electoral fraud was part of every single national election in Hungary. Fidesz legalized electoral fraud by abolishing the campaign silence. Mirkóczki stressed that by abolishing the campaign silence organized transportation of voters becomes possible. And the procedure of using envelops in the voting process legalizes the fraudulent practice of "chain voting". ("Chain voting" is form of electoral fraud that has been developed by the liberal-Bolshevik establishment. It is based on the procedure of using sealed envelops while casting votes. This is a simple and foolproof method of perpetrating an electoral fraud. A corrupt entity cast his vote by dropping an empty sealed envelop into the ballot box and taking the original ballot out of the polling station. Outside, agents fill in the ballot and give it to the next voter who then cast his vote by using the doctored ballot and taking the original one out of the polling station for the next voter. By pulling off this trick the political successors of Bela Kun, Matyas Rakosi and other Bolshevik criminals managed to win several general elections after the collapse of Communism.). If these rules are not changed a massive electoral fraud will be perpetrated in the spring national election said Mirkóczki.

Among all parties with parliamentary representation Jobbik is the only one that retained the moral high-ground said Mirkóczki; than, he added the producers of the fake video are all gypsies; these are the people that the political parties used in the past 23 years as voting machines -- their votes can be bought by any of the political party while all of them talking about gypsy integration in society.

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(Notes: To buy gypsy votes is very easy. These people are so primitive that they have no clue what's going on in the country and often, they can be bribed with a piece of sausage or a pack of spaghetti noodles. Earlier, Jobbik suggested to link voting rights to the completion of grade eight. All parties rejected the proposition.)


Géza said...

we will see what will happen, it doesn't look very well. I hope, this time, Jobbik will get more power then they had till now...

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