Jobbik President Gábor Vona on a lecture tour in Turkey

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Gábor Vona held his first lecture yesterday at Sakarya University near Istanbul. Vona delivers four lectures and holds forums at several Turkish universities.

Last night, more than three hundred people attended his lecture titled Turkish - Hungarian future. Sakarya University in Turkey is one of the educational institutions that still conducts considerable research on the Turanian past.

Gábor Vona in his presentation emphasized that he came to Turkey to talk about Turkish - Hungarian friendship and the common future that this friendship holds for both nations.

Vona among others said "Some European countries, and the countries of Asia are still preserve those values what we universally call human tradition. The challenge is to harmonize this tradition with the expectations of the modern era without creating tension".

"In order to create a new value system and build a new strategy for the future it is paramount to simultaneously carry both the European and the Asian point of views. European practicality and the contemplative spirit of the East should be harmonized. I see three nations that may be suitable of such a harmonization: Russia, Turkey and Hungary. These are the three peoples that due to their history, and destiny preserved both European and Asian values. Therefore, the new Eurasian alternative should be articulated by these three nations" said Vona.

Regarding Turkish - Hungarian relations, the Jobbik president stressed that our nations are sister nations, neither religion nor earlier historical conflicts can interfere with this notion. We need to develop closer ties with Turkey that go far beyond diplomatic and commercial relations.

"I didn't come her to talk to you about the transitory subject of diplomatic and economic relations, others will do that on behalf of me, I came here to meet my brothers and sisters, to offer a fraternal alliance and bring you the good news: Hungarians are awakening. Our common mission and the universal task of Turanism are to build bridges between East and West, between Muslims and Christians, to be able to fight together for a better world -- to show to the world that Christians and Muslims are not enemies but brothers and sisters. No one can accomplish this mission more effectively than Hungarians and Turks because we are connected by common blood" said Vona.

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Well said!!!!! Mr .Vona Gabor ,who is gonna be the next President of Beautiful Hungary

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