Jobbik supporting Bulgaria's decision to extend the farmland moratorium until 2020

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Bulgarian parliament voted last week by an absolute majority to extend the land purchase moratorium until 2020. Jobbik staged a sympathy protest at the Bulgarian embassy to show its solidarity with the decision of the Bulgarian parliament. Bulgaria has made this move despite the fact that the EU will certainly impose strict sanctions against the country.

Jobbik expresses its appreciation to the Bulgarian politicians that supported the motion. The legislation was tabled by the patriotic Ataka party said Jobbik MP Géza Varga.

By adopting the legislation, the Bulgarian parliament put the country's interests first because protecting the farmland is paramount for every country. The law was adopted by an absolute majority, 172 MP's voted in favor and 38 against the motion; one half of the ruling Socialist MPs have also supported the bill. Several experts are worrying that the legislation will hurt the country and will have to re-ratify Bulgaria's EU Accession Treaty.

Géza Varga pointed out that the price for Bulgaria's agricultural land is only a small fraction of the Western European land prices therefore, it was unavoidable to protect it against speculators and international predators.

Varga stressed that countries that sell their arable land lose their sovereignty. In case of Bulgaria, as a punishment western countries might close their borders from the country's labor force, but from the national perspective this is not necessarily a bad thing as it can reduce the brain drain.

According to the Zoltán Magyar, the Orbán government should support the Bulgarian parliament's decision. Jobbik initiatives to protect the Hungarian farmland had been voted down in the past by the majority.

If the Hungarian government would follow the Bulgarian example this put more pressure on Brussels to review the EU's land purchase policies. The goal is to prevent foreign speculators from buying up the Hungarian farmland ahead of small farmers. We need a transparent tendering system and we have to prevent foreign speculators and local oligarchs from buying up the arable land of the country said Zoltán Magyar.

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