Kinga Göncz defended the totalitarian policies of the Gyurcsany regime in the European Parliament

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hard to imagine more corrupt and vile female politician in the country than Kinga Göncz the vice-Chairwoman of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs in the European Parliament, the female equivalent of Soviet trained bookkeeper, the quintessential opportunist Lajos Bokros who is willing to represent any party or any ideology if he can make a handsome amount of money out of the business.

After the Gyurcsany regime had been defeated in the 2010 national election Kinga Göncz, the former minister of foreign affairs in the Gyurcsany government moved to Strasbourg to continue her treasonous, anti-Hungarian engagement in the European parliament. She even secretly authors anti-Hungarian hate literature like the “Tavares report” that the globalists and the enemies of the country used as ammunition to attack the country earlier this year.

In an European parliamentary debate on extremism replying to Krisztina Morvai's question, Kinga Göncz defended the Gyurcsany government's totalitarian policies in 2006 when the government ordered police to shoot, arrest and torture peaceful protesters that rallied against Gyurcsany regime's oppressive policies.

"Members of extremist paramilitary groups supported by Jobbik attacked the television headquarters in 2006, which was actually an attempt to overthrow the government with the help of Fidesz and Jobbik collaboration," lied the globalist whore to the assembly.

As expected, she didn't answer Krisztina Morvai's question weather the Gyurcsany government's reaction to demonstrations could be regarded as a form of extremism.



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