Minister of State András Doncsev met US Special Envoy Ira Forman who arrived in Hungary to oversee Hungarian government's efforts to combat antisemitism

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The distinguished guest met Minister of State for Human Resources András Doncsev who gave the special envoy a detailed account of Hungarian government's efforts to combat antisemitism. Doncsev informed Ira Forman that the Hungarian government introduced the subject of the Holocaust into the elementary school curriculum. Doncsev also informed the US Special Envoy of the upcoming Holocaust memorial year programs.

While developing the new national curriculum guidelines for elementary schools the government, especially the ministry responsible for public education, consulted with international Jewish organizations, Hungarian Jewish churches, Jewish cultural and educational groups as well as Jewish civilian organizations said Doncsev.

The Hungarian Government is determined to integrate the study of the Holocaust into the Hungarian education system; this goal will be achieved by controlling the content of textbooks and other related teaching materials. The study of the Holocaust won't be just a separate discipline but it will be integrated into several other disciplines as well including history, literature, Hungarian language, and ethics said Doncsev.

Minister Doncsev assured his boss that the upcoming Holocaust Memorial Year will focus on educating young people on the issue of antisemitism; the plan is to get school children visit Holocaust Memorial Centers among others the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, which is already a requirement for all students.

After hearing all the good news, the US Special Envoy was more than pleased and praised government’s efforts to combat antisemitism.

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Anonymous said...

You cannot "combat" "antisemitism".

The jews somehow believe, that they can FORCE ("combat") people to think and feel(!) differently. They exhibited this stupid fallacy with communism, which they invented, run, and practiced (Soviet Union).

"Antisemitism" is a reaction(!) to unethical behavior, and until the behavior changes, it will not go away. A 106 expulsions in 1750 years in Europe illustrates this with absolute clarity. The chronicles clearly define the reason(s) for the expulsions, which was clearly not religious in nature (with the possible exception of Spain), but of intolerable, unacceptable societal behavior.

This "antisemitism" drive will fail miserably, just as it failed in the Soviet Union even though the leadership was 80% Jewish (Putin verified it this summer) and the penalty was death. It just breeds MORE of the same; people get pissed off of thought control and invalidation, and they're not stupid enough not to know who to blame.

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