New Moon ceremony will be performed at Dobogókő by Tuvan Shaman See-Oglu Adigzsi on October 5

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuvan Shaman See-Oglu Adigzsi comes to Hungary this week.

On October 4, he'll visit the Shambhala Tibet Support Society and talks about the ritual he performed at Lake Uelg excavation site in Russia.

The Tuvan Shaman attends the New Moon Ceremony at Dobogókő on October 5.

Russian-Hungarian Archaeological Conference was held in the first half of August in the Ural mountains near Lake Uelg. The conference evaluated the finds dug up from the burial site, which show remarkable resemblance to the material culture of the Hungarian conquest period. Tuvan Shaman See-Oglu Adigzsi and Hungarian singer Éva Kanalas were invited to visit Lake Uelg excavation site to appease the spirits of the disturbed Kurgan cemetery.

Shaman See-Oglu Adigzsi and Éva Kanalas will talk about the ceremony and their experiences at the burial site. They'll show photos and a 20-minute video made by Éva Kanalas of the ceremony that was performed by Shaman See-Oglu Adigzsi.

At the Shambhala Tibet Support Society Center Shaman See-Oglu Adigzsi and Éva Kanalas also show a unique amateur video made by a Bashkir man while the ceremony was performed at the burial site.

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