Petition to the Government of Romania on the autonomy of the Székely people by Human Rights Lawyer Dr. Eva Maria Barki

Thursday, October 31, 2013


His Excellency Trajan Basescu, President of Romania
His Excellency Victor Ponta, Prime Minister of Romania
House of Parliament of Romania: Camera Deputatilor and Senarul
Via The Embassy of Romania, Vienna.

On March 10, 2013, world-wide demonstrations and petitions pointed out the still unregulated legal status of the Székelys/Hungarians in Transylvania.

Instead of resolving the conflict, the gerrymandering of administrative units is still currently on the agenda whereby the Székelys, indigenous in the region for more than a 1000 years are to be forced into a minority status, with the unequivocal objective of severe curtailment of their rights, which is in effect an attack on the preservation of their identity as a people.

By dint of this, the following international conventions are violated:

The Agreement of the Paris Peace Conference, of December 9, 1919 between the Allied Powers and Romania for the Protection of the Rights of the Minorities, the demands therein having originated in Resolutions of the Gyulafehérvár Assembly on December 1, 1918, by the Romanian residents of Transylvania.

The Final Act of the Helsinki Accord for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

The General Agreement for the Protection of National Minorities, in particular Article 16 thereof, which explicitly refers to the prohibition of the alteration of the ethnic composition.

Article I of the International Agreement for Civil and Political Rights and Article I of the Agreement for Economical, Social, And Cultural Rights, New York 1966/12/16.

Both of the two United Nations’ Human Rights Agreements, in their respective first Articles, include the right to self determination of peoples, as a mandatory right - ius cogens (Ref. Aureliu Cristescu: The Right to Self-determination).

So far the Hungarians have been the most unassuming people in Europe, and they did not join the South-Tyroleans, Basques, Flemings and Scots in demanding the right for self-determination. However, it is now evident that they have come to their threshold of patience. According to their ancient traditions, hundreds of years old, they have lighted watch-fires, which they used to do only in grave emergencies.

A conflict, destabilizing the whole region can only be prevented by the rapid commencement of concrete negotiations concerning the status of the Hungarian/Székely peoples.

Committee for Solidarity with Transylvania

Vienna, October 27, 2013

Responsible for the contents of the petition: Dr. Eva Maria Barki, 1010 Vienna, Landhausgasse 4
Tel. 01-535 39 80, Fax 01-533 88 48, e-mail:


Csaba Csiki said...

Its happenning!Lassu viz partot mos!God bless the Szekely-Hungarian -Csango people !!!!
What was stolen once,must be return for the rightfull owner!

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