Roma Holocaust memorial restored to its original state

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Roma victims of the Holocaust memorial has been restored to its original state after someone painted obscenities over the monument (it was probably a false flag) said district mayor János Bácskai to MTI.

According to a news release issued by the mayor office, the government condemns the destruction of the social environment, and individuals that hurt other people's feelings and historical memory.

Earlier, Péter Juhász, the co-chairman of Együtt-PM published a photo of the vandalized monument on Facebook.

(Notes: Péter Juhász is a seasoned Hungarian hater and the accomplice of foreign agent and wannabe Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai. Bajnai was hand-picked by the American liberal establishment to run against PM Viktor Orbán in the next year's national election. Despite the generous funding he receives from his American puppet masters Bajnai can't garner support among the electorate, which is due to his shady background and lack of charisma. According to latest polls, his approval ratings in the 6 percent range. No wonder that the two slimebags do everything they can to bolster their popularity. False flags always come in handy, you just have to pay someone, say a gypsy who can read and write to vandalize a monument and here you have it. Now, you can blame the incident on the opposition, in the meantime you get some airtime in the media as well. It is as simple as that. As the election campaign gears up we will see more of these events despite the fact that the majority of people fed up with these sorts of garbage and pay no attention anymore to these fake incidents)



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