Slovakian police harassed Pozsony Student Network activists at the Romanian Embassy

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pozsony Student Network activists staged a sympathy protest by creating a Székely flag from four hundred colored candles in front of the Romanian Embassy in Pozsony this morning. The aim of the action was to show solidarity with the Székely people's march for autonomy says the statement issued by the Pozsony Student Network.

Slovakian police rushed to the scene and tried to interfere with the rally, but activists ignored them and continued their demonstration. With this symbolic gesture Felvidék Hungarian showed their full support of Székely Hungarians' demand for self-determination.

The Student Network believes that the situation of the Hungarian community in Slovakia in several respect similar to that of the Hungarian minority in Székely Land. Minority rights in Slovakia are restricted and inconsistent and difficult to enforce. The Hungarian-inhabited regions of Slovakia are economically backward and minorities do not have the institutional means to defend themselves against discrimination.

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