State Secretary Péter Szijjártó signed bilateral agreements in New Delhi

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hungary signed several bilateral agreements with India after a meeting of the two countries' joint economic committee in New Delhi.

The agreements include raising the budget for joint research and development projects from 2 million to 4 million euros. An additional fund to support the cooperation of small and medium-sized companies (SME) was set up with 100,000 dollars from each country.

Air traffic agreement between the two countries has been modified enabling direct flights between Budapest and Mumbai by Wizz Air via Dubai, said the state secretary.

Talks have been started with companies of the Hungarian Water Cluster project to improve the efficiency of irrigation systems in India. At the moment, only one-third of land has been irrigated in India, while the growing population's food demand is increasingly pressing, Szijjártó emphasized.

A cooperation agreement outlining Hungarian participation in India's Mars program was also signed.

Talks will start on the Hungarian Electricity Works MVM joint bidding process with its Indian partner for international projects and Hungarian oil company Mol oil exploration projects in India.

Regarding post-secondary education, Hungary will provide 200 scholarships to Indian university students.

The Hungarian Government will sign a strategic cooperation agreement with India's CG Electric, which manufactures transformers and high-voltage machinery and employs more than 600 Hungarians.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is set to pay an official visit to India in the second half of the week.

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Géza said...

"Regarding post-secondary education, Hungary will provide 200 scholarships to Indian university students. "

Idiots! Make the same mistake as GB and the rest of the West, opening up for third world immigrants! Well the real agenda of Fidesz is clear and who they serve! Very sad!

Is it impossible to trade with the third world these days, without accepting "students" (another word for third world immigrants) and make visa requirement easier? Just trade, no immigrants or we loose our homogenious nature as the West is for decades!

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