Szabolcs Takács: 2013 is the breakthrough year in Hungarian-Turkish relations

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Political Director at the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Szabolcs Takács said 2013 has been „the year of breakthrough” in Hungarian-Turkish relations, and that the long-term goal was to advance bilateral cooperation between the two countries to a strategic level.

While visiting Turkey, Takács attended local memorials commemorating the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and held talks with Deputy State Secretary for Foreign Affairs Hasan Gögüs and Minister for Water Resources Veysel Eroglu.

During his visit to Turkey, the Hungarian MFA Political Director preparing Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s upcoming visit to Turkey.

The end of this year and the next year appears to be especially busy in Turkish Hungarian relations. Turkish President Abdullah Gül will be paying an official visit to Hungary in January 2014 and Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu is scheduled to visit Budapest at the end of October. Hungarian Foreign Minister János Martonyi will be traveling to Ankara in the coming months.

Szabolcs Takács said it was in Hungary’s interests to develop close ties with Turkey in the context of the Visegrad Group cooperation agreement.

A Turkish Cultural Institute had been opened in Budapest in September and a Hungarian Cultural Institute will be opening in Istanbul in the near future.

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Anonymous said...

Turkish :) we fought for centuries against them and now we open our country with open arms, as well as reinforcing a false history to further destroy our real version...

Anonymous said...

We also fought for centuries against the germans doesn t mean we should hate everyone we fought against

HungarianAmbiance said...

The cliché that expressed in the first comment tells me that the commenter is a troll. (The text always breaks down where it is either too weak or too strong. – Derrida paraphrased)

Anonymous said...

Troll, no way, just because I disagree with the Turks who have are not the Turks of our ancestors, do your research, Osman Turks are ruthless!! Look what they do to the Armenians, Syrians. We have scholars like Bakay Kornél and Andrásfalvi Bertalan where I attend lectures and they expose the many corrupt teachings of our history in Hungarian Universities and Academies and the so called patriotic Orban government who have destroyed many books, closed museums and stopped funding research for culture and history, whilst they support funding the Holocaust propaganda, and this Turkish we know who this party serve. I am sick of the patriotic Hungarians being mislead, don't be fooled, they have infiltrated and created this image to continue ruling with deception.

Géza said...

I agree fully with you! Besides that most Hungarians do not even know anything about Turkish politics and where they stand for! Read about their prime minister, his background, his views! The Turkish agenda is far from good for our people and country. It maybe sounds crazy, but they are still the enemy and we have to be very cautious dealing with them. Also islam is a big danger, I said enough about this on this site, but look at the West and look what happens in the arab world. Read the books of islam, see who moslims worship as their example... and who that man really was. Besides this islam is pure anti-christian!
It is also true that history is falsified and now we invite the Turks in to put their monuments on top of the graves of our ancesters!

fatih y said...

reply to:OCTOBER 24, 2013 AT 8:20 PM

you think you know something about Turkish history? Turkish are ruthless? Armenians? I can give a history lesson about their betrayal and what they have done. There was a Turkish genocide instead of Armenian... 2 million civillian Turkish people slaughtered there. Please read some real archieves and stop reading highschool books. And Ottomans, no one couldnt reached their humanism in history. I can give you another lesson about it too... Off course when all the fanatic religious countries sing the same song as a CoRo for centuries, there is only one echo remains "Barbarian Turks". When i look at europe and see that what they are doing to eachother, i can see the real barbarism which covered by populism, brilliant costumes, fairy tales and art. Now these dark existences have started to destroy the weak one among them without mercy. To manage to Anatolia is a plan for 100 years for Sionism. We gave the first impact to Sionism and their imperialism in 1918(Çanakkale War). Pls read it. Now, we are surrounded and invaded and still keep fighting for it. And you all, must be wise and know your place in this fight.

Islam or other religions are not danger. Human is a big danger who is not educated well and doesnt have a strong ethical values... Not Turkish people but your words are ruthless! Make a search and tell me how many churchs we have in Turkiye and how many mosque exist in europe? Your problem is to hate someone i think. The wars between Hungarians and Turks in history were "man fight" in a honoroble way. The most powerfull and nobel armies showned up in front of our ancestors. I have a big respect and honour for my ancestors and your ancestors. They fought for what they deeply believe in.... And now this is not a reason to hate for eachother. In this world, almost everyone fought to eachother. We need to use more intelligent and wise words about relationships.

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